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otal Picture Radio (TPR), is a playground for your brain, presenting a “total picture” of emerging trends, thought leaders, and for-real gurus to help high-potential professionals like you succeed in your career goals. We are here to fill the media vacuum regarding career advice and advocacy by providing the latest trends, knowledge, actionable information and resources to our listeners. We are radio TiVo. Our in-depth, free podcasts are available 24×7. All of our guests have the opportunity to share their considerable experience and advice in a relaxed atmosphere, without the time constraints imposed by most radio and cable television business news/information programming. [WEBSITE/ARCHIVES]

SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: CHRIS RUSSELL Born from a 2005 ebook about job hunting, SOTJH was Chris Russell’s attempt to dish out his own style of job search advice. Today the site is a social network for both job hunters and career advice professionals. The podcast, which is a top 20 podcast in iTunes > Business > Careers is one of the web’s best known career advice shows online. It features interviews with career authors, resume writers, career coaches and industry executives. Shows are ususally published once a week and are featured in rotation on the live stream. Whether resumes or interviewing or job hunting you’ll hear plenty of practical advice on his show.[WEBSITE] – [ARCHIVES]


The Savvy Jobseeker Podcast, hosted by Job Search Consultant, Roxanne Ravenel, discusses topics important to job hunters – just like your – ranging from resume building tips and interview strategies to methods for tapping into the unpublished job market and salary negotiation tactics. Pull up a seat, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s get acquainted. Listen to our most recent show or browse the archive for past shows. Roxanne teaches mid-career female professionals job search skills and strategies that work – even in the current job market. Her Savvy Jobseeker System™ teaches job hunters to successfully navigate the job search process.[WEBSITE] – [ARCHIVES]


Co-hosted by Career Management Specialists–Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller in Australia. Annemarie and Keith bring you empowering career related topics on a weekly basis to support you in accelerating your level of success in the job market and the workplace. (formerly Career Communique Radio)
Career Success Radio is committed to bringing you inspiring career-related topics so that you can ‘fire up your career’ whether you’re a job seeker, a career changer, a student or entrepreneur – looking at making your mark in the world. [WEBSITE] – [ARCHIVES]


There’s never been a better time for a new approach to job hunting. Whether you’ve just been laid off, have been job hunting for many months or are just looking to improve your career–if it involves finding a job, The Job Stalker show is for you. The host is Barclay Brown, who has been teaching job search and career development techniques since the 80s, along with his full time technology career. In terms of job hunting, he’s been there and done that—many times. Going beyond the conventional wisdom and ordinary guidelines, The Job Stalker takes a fresh, new direct approach to finding the job of your dreams! [WEBSITE] – [ARCHIVES]

Tales from the Job Search Trenches: Michael Surkan

Join Michael’s discussions with fellow job seekers, resume writers, recruiters, career coaches and job placement professionals to look at the different strategies people are using, and brainstorm on ways to make job search efforts more effective. Please contact Michael if you are interested in being a guest on “Tales from the job search trenches” podcasts. Michael would like to discuss your job search strategy, and brainstorm ways to improve it with you. Check out Michael’s LinkedIn profile for contact information.[ARCHIVES]


Jobcasting is the process of combining jobs with audio podcasts. By ‘podcasting your jobs’ you’ll bring your jobs to life and humanize the face of your company. It’s employment branding at its finest. Jobs in Pods is the intenet’s first ever audio job board. It features interviews with employers who actually talk about their jobs and company culture. In each ‘jobcast’ (approx 7-10 min long) you will hear actual employees talk, honestly and openly about their employers. Its a great way for job seekers to learn what it’s really like to work there.[WEBSITE/ARCHIVES]


What is a particular career like? What exactly does someone do in that job? What is the right career for me? How can I get a job in the field I want? What training and education will prepare me for another career or enhance my current career? Is it possible to turn a hobby into a career? What is certification and how will it benefit my career? How can I get more satisfaction from my current career? How can I get more balance between career and personal life? How do I deal with a difficult boss? How can I get a handle on the stress at work? All issues related to the world of work and careers are fodder for the Career Czar®.[Archives]

CareerMoxie is a career management services company and the brainchild of Tiffany Crenshaw and Allison Grace, two professionals with experience on both sides of the desk – placing candidates and hiring employees. When it comes to interviewing and placement, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s why we developed CareerMoxie – to give you access to everything we’ve seen and learned. Our unique perspective means we know the winning steps to take and the pitfalls to avoid as you work to create the career you want and deserve. [Website – Archives]