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It features JT O’Donnell from the CareerRealism blog as she talks about personal branding from a recruiter’s perspective.

ugly resumes

WINDSOR, ON – April 28, 2009 (Press Release) Authors Jennifer and Theo Rallis announced the US release of Ugly Resumes Get Jobs – And Other Fishing Lessons ( This is a must have guide for any job seeker who has ever felt lost in the hiring system. “The sad truth is that most job seekers don’t stand a fighting chance in today’s job market. Being good at what you do isn’t enough”, said Jennifer Rallis. “Most companies are structured in a way that makes it nearly impossible for a job seeker to get noticed by hiring authorities. Add to that cost cutting initiatives, ATS’(Applicant Tracking Systems) and out-dated resume formats, thousands of job seekers will never have their resume seen by human eyes.”

The Rallis’ provide a backstage pass to the world of recruiting and how companies hire. With every job seeker bidding for only 20% of the advertised job market, the Rallis’ show job seekers where to focus their job search, what online and offline tools they need to leverage and how to get the attention of the recruiters sitting on 80% of the unadvertised job market. An Ugly Resume isn’t pretty but it’s highly functional; it’s designed to navigate thru the technology driven roadblocks and ensure your resume is put in the hands of a decision maker.

To further help job seekers, the Rallis’ are giving books away to corporations who opt to help their displaced workforce through the purchase of Ugly Resumes Get Jobs and Other Fishing Lessons. “We will match all corporate contributions” said Theo Rallis. “ It’s not about looking the other way or turning off your TV and hoping this will all get better. It will take action on everyone’s part!”

Accountability in your career

Understanding Accountability by Pat Meehan

“When we truly take accountability for ourselves, we are freeing ourselves from the chains of self pity, poverty, blaming others, and being victims.”

Accountability can be a very scary word. Many of us grew up to learn it as a negative word that assigned blame for something we did wrong. For example, you may have gotten a D on your report card in the 6th grade and your dad said to you, “I’m holding you accountable, mister.” That statement made the word “accountable” seem like a very tough and frightening word.

We grew up in a world of rules and regulations that demanded our conformance. Rules and regulations are very good things. They teach us discipline, and they guide us to be civilized people in a world where civilization is critical for the survival of the human race. In this world of rules and regulations, however, many of us have learned to repress our talents, our creativity, and our genius. We have learned to be inhibited to express to the world, and share with the world, all the wonderful talents and gifts that we have been given. This learned inhibition is a result of a misconception that “being accountable” is the same as the concept of conformance to rules and regulations. In retrospect, nothing could be farther from the truth. “Accountability is a personal commitment to maximize the full use of one’s talents along lines of excellence.” Only through accountability can you achieve self-awareness, and only through self-awareness can you become self-improved.

Each of us has so much value to offer to the world around us. In our transition of becoming accountable to ourselves, with a focus on self-awareness and self-improvement, we must “un-learn” the negative thought patterns that caused us to be inhibited, and “re-learn” new and energetic thought patterns that allow us to display our talents to the world. In this process, we will discover the career success and career freedom that we have longed for. Through this achievement, we empower ourselves to help others find their freedom.

When we truly take accountability for ourselves, we are freeing ourselves from the chains of self pity, poverty, blaming others, and being victims. In essence, we are opening all the doors of opportunity that have been locked as a result of not being accountable for our lives and our careers.

Taking accountability is the only way to fly high. This is especially important when external changes like plant closings and downsizings force us to face alternatives. If we are people who have developed the habit of being accountable, we will always, and I mean every time, land on our feet and grow to be more successful than before the change occurred.

The nice thing about being accountable to ourselves is that it is not a lonely undertaking. It is quite the opposite. Taking accountability allows us more opportunity to utilize all of the resources that can help us improve our lives and our careers. These resources include this book, our mentors, former co-workers, current or former bosses, and other network partners. Everyone you know is a potential network partner. We will go more deeply into that in the chapter on networking.

It is vitally important to always trust in your sources of help. There are so many of them including that most important higher source, to which we surrender our control. Being accountable is not about having control. It is simply the harmonious sharing of opportunity with many others that is beneficial to all involved.

Always remember, you never have to fear accountability. Accountability is something you want to embrace and grow with for the rest of your life, starting today.

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