Leading National Expert on Career Coaching Helps New Graduates Land Sought After Jobs

Master the art of interviewing and learn how to get the job you really want. That’s the objective of a new book, (Hudson House Publishing), by long-time career coach and national expert, Ellyn Enisman. “Job Interview Skills 101: The Course You Forgot to Take” is the how-to guide for new grads and college students, seeking employment.

“This book empowers college students and recent grads to successfully prepare for, and compete in the job market,” says Enisman, who has nearly 30 years of experience in career counseling and coaching on both the corporate and collegiate level. “It provides a proven process and is a step by step guide for learning interviewing techniques that help students and new grads prove their value to a potential employer.”

The 200-page, soft cover provides a complete blueprint for students and grads to help increase their confidence and take control of their future. Well-organized for quick navigation and fast reading, the book includes the following information and a great deal more:

? The 7 interview types and how to prepare for them
? What the interviewer really wants to know when they ask, “Tell me about yourself” or “Why should we hire you?”
? The 3 most important questions you must ask in every interview
? 3 mistakes college grads make that can kill the interview…and how to avoid them
? How to create your own personal, powerful stories that demonstrate to the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the job
? How to decode the job description to find clues to what questions you’ll be asked
? Simple tools to help you prepare flawless interview answers to the toughest questions.

“Job Interview skills 101: The Course You Forgot to Take”, has become a great resource for my career development instructors and students. With a competitive job market right now, it is crucial our graduates come out with the knowledge and skills for effective interviewing techniques. This book has enhanced our instruction thus helping our students obtain gainful employment. I highly recommend the book to other professionals involved in job development and career counseling work”. Katrina Gobins, Director of Placement, Ridley Lowell, -business and technical institute.

Job Interview Skills 101 retails for $32.95 and is available at major bookstores and online at amazon.com, bn.com and at: www.jobinterviewskills101.com.


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