CTL 2010: the threshold generation

One of our first interviews from the Career Thought Leaders conference was Valli Swerdlow from VALLI Associates. She talks about the baby boomers 45-65 years old and how they have become the ‘threshold generation’ who cant afford to retire. (download mp3)

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She also points to an article, “Seven Mistakes That Keep Aging Boomers Unemployed” by MetLife Market Institute ’09

1.) I’ll just do what I did before.”

2.)”My experience speaks for itself. Lots of employers would be lucky to have me.”

3.)”I’ve always been successful, so why should things be different now?”

4.) I just need a job. I don’t have time for this touchy-feely stuff about what work means to me.”

5.) I’ll just use a recruiter or some career coaching to get another job.”

6.) I know the answer! I’ll become a consultant…. or maybe a security guard.”

7.) Of course I am good at computers. I have been working with Windows 98 for years.”

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