Hear whats new this week!

We have five interesting career shows this week. Download them individually or listen live.

Feel free to comment on any of our shows through our voicemail line at 203-816-0339. We may even play your comment on the air!

1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Rewind09: $100K+ Job Search Advice with Kathy Simmons, President & CEO of NETSHARE (download mp3)

2. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Charee Klimek of Jobangels (download mp3)

3. CAREER SUCCESS RADIO: Job search across generations (download mp3)

4. DREAM JOB RADIO: Branding guru David Cohen joins Stephanie in studio (unavail)

5. SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE OF THE RECRUITING ANIMAL SHOW: with New Job, New You author Alexandra Levit (download mp3)

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