Top 10 green jobs – green jobcast #22

The Green Jobcast, episode 22, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. This week news on the some new solar jobs and the top 10 green jobs for this decade. (download mp3) 3 minutes 45 sec

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Fast Company magazine recently wrote an article on the 10 best green jobs for the next decade.

# 1 is Farmer: Surprised? America has 2 million farmers, and their average age is 55. Since sustainable agriculture requires small-scale, local, organic methods there is a huge need for more farmers — up to tens of millions of them, according to some experts.

# 2 is Forester: Modern forestry is a combination of international project finance, conservation and development. Forresters will be in demand.

#3 Solar Power Installer: Making and installing solar power systems already accounts for some 770,000 jobs globally. Installing solar-thermal water heaters and rooftop photovoltaic cells is a relatively high-paying job–$15 to $35 an hour–for those with construction skills. Currently over 3,400 companies in the solar energy sector employ 25,000 to 35,000 workers. The Solar Energy Industries Association predicts an increase to over 110,000 jobs by 2016…

#4 Energy Efficiency Builder Greening the US building stock will take not only skilled architects and engineers, but a workforce of retrofitters who can use spray foam insulation and storm windows to massively improve the R-value (thermal resistance) of the draftiest old houses.

#5 Wind Turbine Fabricator: Wind is the leading and fastest-growing source of alternative energy with over 300,000 jobs worldwide. Turbines are 90% metal by weight, creating an opportunity for autoworkers and other manufacturers to repurpose their skills. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the industry currently employs some 50,000 Americans

#6 Conservation Biologist the urgent quest to preserve the integrity of ecosystems around the world — and to quantify the value of — ecosystems services — leads to opportunities in teaching, research and fieldwork for government, nonprofits, and private companies.

#7 Green MBA and Entrepreneur business services like legal, research and consulting account for the majority of all green jobs — over 400,000. This includes everything from marketing to the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) segment, to serving as a VP of sustainability within a large company, to piloting a green startup.

#8 Recycler #9 Sustainability Systems Developer The green economy needs a cadre of specialized software developers and engineers who design, build, and maintain the networks of sensors and stochastic modeling that underpin wind farms, smart energy grids, congestion pricing and other systems substituting intelligence for natural resources.

#10 Urban Planner Urban and regional planning is a linchpin of the quest to lower America’s carbon footprint.

Lastly, Amonix of California is hiring for solar jobs. They recently posted 7 positions on JobsinSolarPower dot com…according to the company website Amonix is the world leading designer and proprietary manufacturer of patented high-performance high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) power generation systems for utility scale applications. Amonix is located in Torrance, California, just minutes from LAX and the Port of Los Angeles, with manufacturing facility in Seal Beach, CA.

The Amonix mission is to bring solar profitably to the main stream in the power generation market by offering renewable solar power at a fraction of the cost of traditional photovoltaic systems.

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