How to use Linkedin if unemployed #5

Rebecca Martin, CEO and Founder of dear jane Inc. has our 5th tip on using Linkedin if unemployed. (download mp3)

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I have been coaching people into jobs for the past 12 years. In the last 4 years I have been telling clients to add their consulting business into their most current position in their profile. For example, If I am a career coach and my name is Rebecca Martin, I would put Martin Consulting, the dates would reflect the last day of my previous position and up to the present. So for example, If I was laid off in Nov 2008 then I would put Nov 2008 to Present.

I would then put my title as Founder/Career Consultant and then add for job description “provides various career consulting services to various clients.” I might put more detail but that’s it. It communicates to the future employer that you are keeping your skills active and you are doing something productive during your career transition.

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