Revi’s 7 job hunting secrets

This is new audio from Revi Goldwasser a career coach who conducts free monthly teleclasses at Check out her recent teleclass with 7 job hunting secrets. Download mp3 or play below. (50 mins/50MB)

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She’ll cover the following:

The biggest reason why laid off employees are having such a hard time finding a new job and what you can do about it

One of the biggest mistakes unemployed professionals make and a simple solution to fix it

One of the best places to look for a job that no one even thinks about

The worst mistake that job seekers make when they apply for a job

The worst mistake job seekers make when they complete an application

The worst answer you can give on an interview when an employer asks, “What Is Your Weakness?” …Bonus: I will reveal one of my 5 perfect answers to this killer question

Job Board Resume Databases – How to get your resume noticed against the millions of other resumes out there!

About Revi

Revi Goldwasser is the founder and CEO of Wall Street Personnel, a financial services recruiting firm as well as JobsOnWallStreet.Com a leading financial online job board. Revi has been a recruiter since 2000, and has established relationships with hundreds of employers. Revi has personally coached tens of thousands of job seekers and has helped many of them find new jobs. Revi is a nationally renowned leading authority on how to find a job in today’s competitive job market. Revi has been quoted in the NY Sun, New York City Job Market Update,,,, and many other publications.

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