Financial lessons, onboarding Gen Y and networking tips

Welcome back, we hope you are “stuffed” and had a great thanksgiving holiday. Here are five new shows to feast on. Listen live.

1) CAREER CZAR: 5 Financial Lessons from the Great Recession. Key lessons on how to manage your finances to learn from these tough economic times. (download mp3)

2) TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Onboarding Gen Y with Tamara Erickson (download mp3)

3) CAREER CHAT: Miami U’s Career Services discusses the living network (aka networking). (download mp3)

4) CAREER SUCCESS: Lost your job? Get a Plan B…(download mp3)

5) SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: From the 2006 Archives a conversation with Recruiter-BloggerTiffany Bridge. Tiffany ended up quiting recruiting and started doing stand up comedy.

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