The Green Jobcast #7

The Green Jobcast, episode 7, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. (download mp3) 3 minutes

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A Connecticut non-profit, The WorkPlace is reporting that it has been awarded a competitive grant to provide job training to veterans to help them succeed in civilian careers, with an emphasis on “green jobs.”

The U.S. Department of Labor awarded them a $500,000 grant for one year; based on performance, the grant can be renewed for an additional two years, for a total of $1.5 million.

They will be serving veterans throughout two regions – Southwestern and South Central Connecticut – working with lead partner Workforce Alliance, the New Haven-based Workforce Investment Board. They’ll utilize the grant to help approximately 120 veterans pursue employment opportunities in such green jobs as weatherization technician, energy auditor, renewable energy technician, asbestos supervisor, and hazardous waste technician.

Efforts will be coordinated with the CT DOL Veterans programs and a network of referral sources. Training resources will include a growing number of specialized “green” occupational providers as well as expanded Community College curriculum.

RecyGrow is a company that will use green technologies to grow plant life from processed recycled materials. It plans to build a production facility and greenhouses in Janesville Illinois. Green roof technology will be their primary target market.

Construction on their home base doesn’t begin until March, but RecyGrow has already rented a greenhouse so they can begin some of their pilot projects. The company will be hiring 50 employees this spring, but that’s only the beginning…Marketing officer Darren Kennedy says…RecyGrow will be hiring for all skill levels this spring. In the short term RecyGrow will focus on products that help restore shorelines. Eventually they hope to provide products for green roofs and erosion control products, but they say it will take a few years for the company to navigate those areas.

BALTIMORE SUN: A Florida-based biofuel startup with a Baltimore laboratory announced a joint venture Monday to build a pilot plant in Texas for producing ethanol directly from blue-green algae. Algenol Biofuels said it has teamed up with Dow Chemical Company, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology and Membrane Technology and Research Inc. to construct a 100,000-gallon-a year “biorefinery” on 24 leased acres at a Dow plant in Freeport, Tex. The project is meant to test the economic feasibility of Algenol’s process of using carbon dioxide, salt water and sunlight to extract ethanol from cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae. With headquarters in Bonita Springs and a research facility in North Baltimore, the company also said it had applied for a $25 million federal economic-stimulus grant to help finance the project. Algenol CEO Paul Woods said the privately held company plans to invest $25 million in the project, which it expects to create or save more than 300 jobs.

US Solar Jobs Map: The Solar Energy Research Education Foundation (SEREF) has produced maps illustrating the growth of jobs likely to result from growth in the solar energy industry for the US. They got help from Google Earth Outreach to produce the maps using Google Earth technology. The maps show over 400,000 new jobs due to solar energy industry growth by the year 2016. You can view the map using the GE plugin at

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