The Green Jobcast #4

The Green Jobcast, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. Transcript below. (download mp3)

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Research by The Pew Charitable Trusts shows that despite a lack of sustained policy attention and investment, the emerging clean energy economy has grown considerably—extending to all 50 states, engaging a wide variety of workers and generating new industries. Between 1998 and 2007, its jobs grew at a faster rate than overall jobs.

By 2007, more than 68,200 businesses across all 50 states and the District of Columbia accounted for about 770,000 jobs that achieve the double bottom line of economic growth and environmental sustainability.
Pew’s research shows that between 1998 and 2007, clean energy economy jobs—a mix of whiteand blue-collar positions, from scientists and engineers to electricians, machinists and teachers—grew by 9.1 percent, while total jobs grew by only 3.7 percent.
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To secure its future, Toledo OHIO, once known as the Glass City, is now turning those skills — and that tradition — to the sun. New solar energy-related businesses are taking hold in what city officials and local executives hope it will become Ohio’s “solar valley.”

“We didn’t envision there would be some bailout of Toledo, so we had to do it ourselves,” said Norm Johnston, CEO of Solar Fields, a solar startup company. “We want to move from being the ‘rust belt’ to being the ‘renewable energy belt.’”

Solar Fields is is one of dozens of new companies in Toledo that now make rivers of glass into solar cells, panels and coatings.

A new wind farm has gone online in Mt Storm West Virginia, the farm, located on Allegheny Front along state Route 42, is the largest wind farm in the eastern United States. Officials said it generates up to 264 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to serve approximately 66,000 homes and businesses. Approximately 200 construction jobs were created and approximately 50 “highly skilled new jobs” will stay in the area. The NedPower Mt. Storm Wind Farm is co-owned, by Dominion Generation and Shell WindEnergy …

Southern California Edison has been granted approval by the California Public Utilities Commission to install solar panels on unused commercial rooftops across Southern California.
During the next five years Edison will install, own and operate 150 solar panels that will generate 250 megawatts of power.

Edison was also granted the ability to solicit other solar-power companies to install similar panel arrays and sell the power back to Edison, up to an additional 250 megawatts.

Edison says the 500 total megawatts makes the project “the largest photovoltaic program ever undertaken.”
“The program will create hundreds of neighborhood solar power plants, strengthen local grid reliability and produce hundreds of new green jobs to bolster Southern California’s economic recovery,” Edison International Chairman and CEO Theodore F. Craver Jr., said in a statement.

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