Pink slip parties, elevator pitches and a new jobcast

Six fantastic new shows this week with a slew of interesting career advice. Do you know someone who just got laid off? Tell them to tune into and help them improve their job search skills!

1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Scenes from a Pink Slip Party

The second Pink Slip Party, held in Norwalk, Connecticut, maxed-out the fire marshall occupancy at the Black Bear with over 300 attendees. The event was sponsored by OperationsInc’s ‘Job Search Essentials’ workshop for job seekers and Hayden Wealth Management. I spoke with David Lewis, President/Founder of OperationsInc. [download mp3]

2. JOBS IN PODS: Marriott Timeshare Sales Jobs

This jobcast will feature the role of Sales Executive for the Marriott Vacation Club at the Timber Lodge in Lake Tahoe California. They are looking for self-motivated sales professionals who can sell timeshare rentals for this beautiful vacation resort popular with skiers.[download mp3]

3. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Advice for 1st Time Job Seekers

Kathy Simmons from Netshare stops by to talk about how job seekers who havent had to job hunt in a long time can achieve success in the job market. [download mp3]

4. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Job Search Success

“It’s hard to find a good job.” “The economy stinks.” “No one is hiring.” If any of this sounds familiar, tune in to learn how your perspective plays a role in your job search and what you can do to change it. Guest expert: Janet White, author of Secrets of the Hidden Job Market: Change Your Thinking to Get the Job of Your Dreams. [listen via BTR]

5. CAREER COMMUNIQUE: Stand Out Online with Social Networking

Join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller to learn how you can begin to build your professional online profile. Take your search to the next level with social networking sites, such as twitter, blogs, Linked In, Facebook and other online mediums. [listen via BTR]

6. JOB SEARCH GUY: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

An exclusive interview with co-founder Laura Allen of with a great and easy way for you to develop your 15-second “elevator pitch” that you can use to get noticed and separate yourself from the competition. Also, Joe shows you how you can use Twitter to find jobs with a new killer feature from Workhound. Is age bias hurting your job search? Discover Joe’s no-nonsense answer here. [download mp3]

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