6 new shows for week of Feb 16

1. Jobacle.com – The Working Podcast #85

The price of the uncalled for reprimand. What if the characters from ABC’s LOST had to re-enter the work force? Interviewing-101, Unemploymentality and other new job Websites. What weather do you prefer to work in? [download mp3]

2. Secrets of the Job Hunt – 10 Tips to Great Interview Conversation

Former recruiter turned hiring expert and CEO of TopJobLeads.com, Rick Probstein, points out 10 ways to a Great onversation/Interview that every job hunter should pay attention to. [download mp3]

3. Jobs in Pods: GEICO college jobcast

GEICO is more than just insurance jobs. In fact they have a variety of roles to fill for recent college graduates in all areas of the company for all types of majors. In this six minute jobcast you’ll hear College Recruiting Manager Matt Duren talk about what makes GEICO a great place to work. [download mp3]

4. Total Picture Radio: Personal & Executive Branding podcast

“Stand Out by Building Your Brand” the co-author of a business best-seller and founder of Reach Communications, William Arruda stops by to chat with Peter Clayton. [download mp3] (repeat)

5. Savvy Jobseeker: Seven Tips for Transforming Your Resume

Professional resume writer, Louise Fletcher, will go deep into her “bag of tricks” to share seven tips for effectively showcasing your unique skillset on your next resume. [download]

6. Career Communique: 3 things recruiters don’t tell you

Join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller as they interview Darren Saul from Carnegie Hill Recruitment as he exposes three things that most recruiters often fail to disclose. A must-listen interview that answers the question: “Are recruiters a trusted advisor or just another supplier?” Observations of an IT Recruiter. [download]

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