whats new on jobradio for feb 9th

We 4 exciting new shows this week. Normally we’d have more but our jobcasters have been taking some breaks to catch their breath. Its been a frenetic start to the job market for 2009. But worry not my friends, we have lots of new career advice shows in the works for weeks to come.

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New this week:

1. JobRadiofm Personal Branding Update #3 with Dan Schawbel

Twitter, baby boomers and more for your personal brand.

2. Secrets of the Job Hunt: the Obama Jobs Effect

Which jobs will President’s Obama’s stimulus package create? Laurence Shatkin, author of ‘Great Jobs in the President’s Stimulus Plan‘ stops by to detail them for you. [download mp3]

3. Secrets of the Job Hunt: Recession busting job search tactics

Career Coach Mary Elizabeth Bradford stops by to tell exactly how to look underneath the hidden job market to boost your chances of getting hired. She’ll define the hidden job market and reveal 4 key tips. Stay tuned at the end for a special offer on her ebook. [download mp3]

4. Career Communique: Portfolio Careers

Join Annemarie and Keith as they interview Ellen Jackson from Right Management (Boston), on how you can create multiple sources of income from adopting a portfolio career model. They’ll also be discussing the importance of blogging in your self-marketing strategy. [download mp3]

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