Great career advice, new shows for Jan 26th

We have tons of new career advice audio including an all new Working Podcast from Jobacle.

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Here’s whats new in the stream this week.

1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Long live the Intern Queen!

Lauren Berger held 15 internships in 4 years of college. Thats why they call her the “InternQueen” and she is my guest on this edition of the podcast. We’ll talk about internships of course. (10 min) Download MP3

2. JOBACLE: Working Podcast #83

Looking back on the holiday party mess of 2008. The DOs and DON’Ts are running rampant on the Web. Rather than join all of those HotMonsterSimplyBuilder sites with the usual fare, we’re dishing out some holiday-party advice that you might not have thought of. (20 min) Download MP3

3. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Guerrilla Job Search Tactics

David Perry and Kevin Donlin Launch “The Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course”. An exclusive, in-depth interview with two industry insiders who reveal actionable information you can use today for conducting a job search.(53 min) Download MP3

4. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Trendwatcher 2009 Jobs Forecast

Happy New Year! Well, maybe, sort of. At least, we hope it’ll be happy. But, a lot of people seem to have skipped right over that intoxicating, sweet period of hope-filled resolutions and sunk directly into some kind of gloomy hangover from 2008…Download MP3

5. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Pamela Skilling, The Benefits of getting the Pink Slip

The age of the employee is over. No matter whom you work for or how many stock options you own, the future of your career is ultimately up to you. – Pamela Skillings (23 min) Download MP3

6. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: What on earth should I do?

It’s a tough job market. But, Paul Peixoto, author of What on Earth Should I Do?, will explain why he feels it’s a great time to reassess your career path, discover your passion, and use it to do work that you’ll truly love. Download MP3

7. CAREER COMMUNIQUE: Essential strategies to ensure job loss/redundancy survival

Join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller as they interview David Reynolds – Chandler Macleod to identify key strategies to ensure you are able to survive and thrive within a tightening job market. Download MP3

8. JOBS IN PODS: EMC VMware Alliance Jobs (technical sales)

Download MP3

9. JOBS IN PODS: MERCK Chemical Engineering Jobs

Download MP3

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