best companies for recent grads

Each of the 20 employers featured in Experience’s Best Places ranking are currently recruiting from top universities nationwide and are hiring candidates set to graduate in 2009. What really sets these companies apart is their adaptation to the evolving workforce, including everything from committing to cross-functional training programs to embracing social causes that matter to Gen Y. So whether fresh out of college or just finishing up online degrees , it is best to start a job search early. Early and prepared. The research shows that there are companies that put more thought into hiring and supporting new graduates than others. Approaching such companies first is not a bad idea. Representing a wide range of industries, the 20 organizations recognized by Experience provide outstanding career paths for entry-level employees. This year’s roster of Best Places to Work for Recent Grads includes:

  • Accenture
  • Peace Corps
  • Computer Sciences Corporation
  • Qualcomm
  • Electronic Arts
  • Schlumberger
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Sherwin-Williams
  • Sodexo
  • Hyatt
  • Target
  • Liberty Mutual
  • The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies
  • McBee Associates
  • The TJX Companies, Inc.
  • North Star Resource Group
  • Wachovia
  • Northrup Grumman
  • ZS Associates

The complete listing and description is available on the Experience website at and via Yahoo! HotJobs.

“Employers are becoming smarter about how they hire and retain top Gen Y talent,” explains Jenny Floren, founder and CEO of Experience. “The 20 organizations honored here recognize the positive, long-term impact young professionals can make on their business. They have created the right environment to attract the next generation workforce, and by promoting the right opportunities and career paths, have also demonstrated they know how to keep them.”

shawn graham’s networking do’s and dont’s

Job seekers can learn a lot from Cupid as Valentine’s Day draws near. According to Shawn Graham, author of Courting Your Career, scoring a great job requires many of the same skills and strategies as wooing a love interest.

For example, statistics indicate that most job seekers despise networking, prompting them to ignore this essential strategy in their search for jobs. As a result, these people often miss out on dozens of job leads that could have connected them to their dream job.

In his book, Graham likens the importance of networking to the dating scene. “Before you can date someone, you need to meet someone. And what better place to meet someone than in the ‘meet market?’ I’m not talking about the selection of steaks at your local grocery store or a bar full of men and women undressing you with their eyes. I’m talking about meeting someone through a friend or a friend of a friend,” says Graham.

“Like dating, when you’re looking for a job, mutual friends can be a great resource for expanding your professional network.”

In the dating game a person can sour their opportunity to score a date or exchange phone numbers in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, it’s as simple as using a cheesy pick-up line, moving too fast or having bad breath. Similarly, there are a handful of ways job seekers can quickly turn off a valuable networking contact. Graham offers the following do’s and don’ts:

Networking Do’s:

  • Be professional and courteous during all of your interactions.
  • Proofread all e-mails
  • Ask insightful and thoughtful questions.
  • Ask for names of others who may be willing to help you.
  • Send thank-you notes to contacts whether or not they were helpful.
  • Stay in touch with contacts even after you find a job.

Networking Don’ts

  • Make a contact feel used and manipulated.
  • Ask a contact to find you a job.
  • Send generic e-mails to new or existing contacts.
  • Send a copy of your resume if it was not requested first.
  • Miss or be late to a meeting.
  • Monopolize someone’s time when he or she has agreed to speak with you.

Although networking can be a challenging strategy to master, it’s the one most likely to result in employment opportunities. Graham says, “Keep in mind how much more comfortable it is to meet someone who’s been introduced to you by a mutual friend. Even a blind date is easier if you and your date have mutual friends. When it’s time to hire a new employee, most employers prefer to hire a job candidate who’s been referred by a trusted employee. That way, they can feel more like they’re venturing into known territory.”

Courting Your Career is available at all major bookstores and from the publisher ( or 1.800.648.JIST). The author, Shawn Graham, is immediately available for print, broadcast and online interviews. To request a copy of Courting Your Career or to speak with Graham, contact Selena Dehne.

Great career advice, new shows for Jan 26th

We have tons of new career advice audio including an all new Working Podcast from Jobacle.

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Here’s whats new in the stream this week.

1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Long live the Intern Queen!

Lauren Berger held 15 internships in 4 years of college. Thats why they call her the “InternQueen” and she is my guest on this edition of the podcast. We’ll talk about internships of course. (10 min) Download MP3

2. JOBACLE: Working Podcast #83

Looking back on the holiday party mess of 2008. The DOs and DON’Ts are running rampant on the Web. Rather than join all of those HotMonsterSimplyBuilder sites with the usual fare, we’re dishing out some holiday-party advice that you might not have thought of. (20 min) Download MP3

3. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Guerrilla Job Search Tactics

David Perry and Kevin Donlin Launch “The Guerrilla Job Search Home Study Course”. An exclusive, in-depth interview with two industry insiders who reveal actionable information you can use today for conducting a job search.(53 min) Download MP3

4. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Trendwatcher 2009 Jobs Forecast

Happy New Year! Well, maybe, sort of. At least, we hope it’ll be happy. But, a lot of people seem to have skipped right over that intoxicating, sweet period of hope-filled resolutions and sunk directly into some kind of gloomy hangover from 2008…Download MP3

5. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Pamela Skilling, The Benefits of getting the Pink Slip

The age of the employee is over. No matter whom you work for or how many stock options you own, the future of your career is ultimately up to you. – Pamela Skillings (23 min) Download MP3

6. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: What on earth should I do?

It’s a tough job market. But, Paul Peixoto, author of What on Earth Should I Do?, will explain why he feels it’s a great time to reassess your career path, discover your passion, and use it to do work that you’ll truly love. Download MP3

7. CAREER COMMUNIQUE: Essential strategies to ensure job loss/redundancy survival

Join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller as they interview David Reynolds – Chandler Macleod to identify key strategies to ensure you are able to survive and thrive within a tightening job market. Download MP3

8. JOBS IN PODS: EMC VMware Alliance Jobs (technical sales)

Download MP3

9. JOBS IN PODS: MERCK Chemical Engineering Jobs

Download MP3

how to find the best companies to work for

Don’t job hunt, company hunt. Target employers directly and get in with companies who are growing. Do that and your job security gets brighter. Our sponsor SimplyHired has some ways to do just that.

Mountain View, CA – January 23, 2009 – Simply Hired, the largest job search engine and recruitment advertising network, announced today a content sharing agreement with to provide job listings on Fortune Magazine online for its annual, “100 Best Companies to Work For” feature.

Visitors will be able to view current job openings at the employers that ranked on Fortune’s special report, released January 22, 2009.

Job seekers visiting the “Best Companies to Work For” report will have access to jobs at top employers and Simply Hired’s database of over 5 million jobs globally. In addition, Simply Hired will provide “100 Best Companies” and “Fortune 500” job search filters for all job seekers visiting

“The job listings provided through this partnership will complement the content of this special report, allowing highly qualified visitors to the site to potentially fill the open roles at these top companies,” said Gautam Godhwani, Co-founder and CEO of Simply Hired. “It is a great distribution point for employers to reach into such an attractive audience.”

Through this partnership, joins Simply Hired’s recruitment advertising network, which consists of over 5,000 social networks, blogs and content sites, including LinkedIn, Fox Television Stations, CNET, US News and World Report. Simply Hired advertisers will benefit by exposing their job listings to the unique demographic the CNN Money / Fortune site offers.

need a job? try being an apprentice

Our friends at career publisher JIST just send us this interesting info.

Career Expert Laurence Shatkin Reveals the Best Apprenticeable Jobs

As the availability of student loans shrink, people may want to consider an apprenticeship instead of a college degree as an entry route to their career.

“You don’t have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars in tuition or endure basic training in a distant boot camp to get entry into your career. An apprenticeship provides job training in which you can become a highly skilled worker through a combination of worksite learning and minimal classroom learning,” says Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., co-author of the recently released book 200 Best Jobs Through Apprenticeships, Second Edition.

“An apprenticeship is sometimes called ‘the other four-year degree’ because it often takes four years and it results in a nationally recognized credential that can open the door to income and job security that can be as good as or better than what college graduates enjoy,” he adds.

To open people’s eyes to which apprenticeships offer the most promise, Shatkin crunched data from the U.S. Department of Labor to identify the best apprenticeable jobs. The following occupations topped the list:

Paralegals and Legal Assistants
Annual Earnings: $44,990
Percent Growth: 22.2 percent
Annual Openings: 22,756

Computer Support Specialists
Annual Earnings: $42,400
Percent Growth: 12.9 percent
Annual Openings: 97,334

Construction and Building Inspectors
Annual Earnings: $48,330
Percent Growth: 18.2 percent
Annual Openings: 12,606

Radiologic Technologists
Annual Earnings: $50,260
Percent Growth: 15.1 percent
Annual Openings: 12,836

Police Patrol Officers
Annual Earnings: $49,630
Percent Growth: 10.8 percent
Annual Openings: 37,842

Correctional Officers and Jailers
Annual Earnings: $36,970
Percent Growth: 16.9 percent
Annual Openings: 56,579

Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses
Annual Earnings: $37,940
Percent Growth: 14.0 percent
Annual Openings: 70,610

Pipe Fitters and Steamfitters
Annual Earnings: $44,090
Percent Growth: 10.6 percent
Annual Openings: 68,643

Annual Earnings: $44,090
Percent Growth: 10.6 percent
Annual Openings: 68,643

Surgical Technologists
Annual Earnings: $37,540
Percent Growth: 24.5 percent
Annual Openings: 15,365

200 Best Jobs Through Apprenticeships, Second Edition, is available at all major bookstores and from the publisher ( or 1.800.648.JIST). Co-author Laurence Shatkin has also written several other titles, including 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs, 10 Best College Majors for Your Personality, and 50 Best Jobs for Your Personality.

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How to explain getting laid off or fired

We’ve inserted a series of career breaks into our stream. This week they’re all about how to explain getting laid off to potential employers.

The advice in these 1 minute breaks come to us from various professionals we asked to call-in with their suggestions. They represent a good mix of tips and perspectives so we hope you enjoy them. These career breaks are something we’ll be doing all year so stay tuned for many more!

Here’s one of those you can play on demand.

Reinvent Your Career in 2009

Reinvent Your Career in 2009 — How Out of Work Executives Can Enhance Job Prospects in 2009

Faced with redundancy and job prospects at an all time low, many executives are confronting the first major setback of their career. However, a difficult job market can present opportunities for some career reinvention.

(PRWEB) January 8, 2009 —,, the UK’s leading management careers site specialising in £50K plus executives, has devised a ten point plan to turn necessity into a truly great invention – how to re-evaluate your skills and recreate your career:

1. Confidence. Change your attitude and discover personal confidence. For many long term employees, believing they are part of a company and not a skilled individual is the first hurdle.

2. Have an idea of what you want to do. Before packing up your desk it is important to know what makes you tick. What pastimes do you enjoy, what challenges do you relish, what motivates you? Write them down and think about what makes you happy. This may indicate a new career direction or highlight skills you can bring to your existing organisation.

3. Be ambitious but be realistic: Everyone dreams of writing a novel, however without any experience of writing a story, the leap is simply too risky. Invention is about turning what you know into a reality.

4. Make sure you have a market. Research your new career goal online to distinguish if the need is there or if it may look like there are companies where you can promote your skills. Look at companies of interest and ones that are doing well during this economy and decide how your skills can transfer into a role there.

5. Rebuild your CV. Look at your career goal, your skills and your experience and go to a professional CV writer. They will help you translate those skills into demonstrable claims on your CV.

6. Go back to school. Learning new skills may be important to your career change but will take commitment. Consider taking classes, additional training and University courses. Network at local business events or attend exhibitions and conferences.

7. Discuss your career change. Confide in trusted colleagues past and present and THEIR friends in businesses. They will give you directional feedback and may even have friends in businesses you can speak with for possible insight.

8. Find the Opportunities. A new direction may mean a new route to finding roles. Look on careers sites like to find positions that tick your requirements and identify which type of companies and recruiters are advertising these roles. Look at industry associations, networking groups online and offline to produce a target list.

9. Don’t leave it to the letter. Too many job applicants send their CV and wait to hear whether they made the shortlist. Without the experience of rivals, a new career seeker needs to sell themself. Be prepared to call recruiters and outline why you should be considered for the role. Sell yourself as you would sell your business.

10. Stay focused. Your ideal role may not fall into your lap immediately so you may end up having to work elsewhere to continue to earn. However, stay focused and keep applying. Don’t lose sight of the opportunity that this downturn in the market presents. Be positive and honest about who you are and what you offer.

“Whilst companies throughout the UK are seeing redundancies, there are still important roles out there to be filled,” says Derek Pilcher, Managing Director of “If a job seeker finds his or her industry has been hit hard, then reinventing your career by focusing on ones skills and passion is an important step to find a new career path.”

“Certain sectors are experiencing growth even now. Companies are looking for talented individuals so showcasing skills you may have thought might not be important for career fulfilment, might actually be something that lands you the job.”