$100k job seekers can save time with RiseSmart Concierge Service

If you are a 100k executive in the job hunt check out this service to outsource your search.

RiseSmart is a job site that offers a unique Concierge Service for job seekers who are looking for positions in the 100k+ salary range. Once a job seeker signs up with RiseSmart, they enter their job preferences in their “RiseSmart Search Profile”. Then a RiseSmart Concierge will review the profile and begin a search of job openings in the area specified. By using the time-saving RiseSmart web site, people who are looking for that perfect high-level job can do so without having to do all the work themselves.

The cost for job seekers is $43.95 a month.

The Concierge Service is where RiseSmart differs from other job search sites. Once you have completed your profile, it is sent to a Concierge, a real person, who will review it and get an understanding of what type of position you are looking for. With that background knowledge, the Concierge will sort through the hundreds of job opportunities to find the ones that match what your background. The list of job openings that the Concierge selects will be sent to you for your review; new lists will be sent weekly. The ones you like, you can apply for, the ones you do not, you can take off the list.

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