Mike Ramer gives 7 job search strategies

“If you’re worried about your job or looking for a new one, you’re not alone,” says Mike Ramer, America’s Career Coach and president of Ramer Search Consultants. “The challenge for professionals today is finding a job to advance their career.”

After 20 years in executive search, Ramer developed and launched a job search consulting service for the career-minded. His “Seven Strategies” include:

1) Assess your situation. If you’re employed, what’s the chance you’ll lose your job? Talk to your manager, be upfront and express your concern. If there’s a high probability you could lose your job, start planning now.

2) Evaluate your strengths. Write down what you do best. List your top skills and abilities. Think about ways you can add value for a future employer. Get feedback by asking a trusted friend or co-worker.

3) Discover your passions. In your current job, what do you enjoy most? When you’re not working, how do you spend your time? What are your hobbies? What topics engage you in conversation? Again, write it down.

4) Craft your resume. Customize it with your unique background, skills and experiences. Quantify your accomplishments. Your resume is a reflection of you, so make it stand out. Be professional, yet personal.

5) Research the possibilities. Use the web and talk to others. Your ideal job is the intersection of what you do best (skills/abilities) and what you want to do (passions). This should fit your parameters (location, compensation, lifestyle, etc.)

6) Get the word out. Now go after the job you want. Build a contact list to include names, titles, websites, phone numbers and emails. When making contacts and networking, be memorable and aim to arrange meetings.

7) Stick to the plan. Stay focused and upbeat. Create activity everyday. Depending on your industry and experience, a job search could take three to twelve months. It’s always smart to have a contingency plan.

For help with your job search, consult with a career coach or job search professional. In today’s times, keep positive and remember this: “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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