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This week: the new normal, Tweet a job & 3 jobcasts

Well everyone seems to be back at work and ready to hit the ground running. This week in the live stream we have several new shows. Whether your employed or unemployed you will discover some great insights into the job market. Good luck and thanks for listening! Listen Live. 1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Sue Marks, [...]

Personal Branding, what employers want, helping women succceed

This week we have 6 brand new shows and a special series of career breaks focused on how to use LinkedIn if you are unemployed. Listen live. 1) Career Czar – Lessons on personal branding and an introduction to Career Success Radio.(download mp3) 2) Dream Job Radio: special guest Tory Johnson from Women for Hire [...]

Write better, military to civilian jobsearch and more

Lots of new career advice and information this week in the stream. Listen Live. * SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Going from Military-to-Civilian with Janet Farley, Author of Military-to-Civilian Career Transition Guide (DOWNLOAD MP3) * CAREER CZAR: Guidance and advice on how to write better and get published. (DOWNLOAD MP3) * TRAVEL NURSING INSIDER: Episode [...]

Sideways careers, personal branding, jobcasts and more!

We have lots of great career advice shows in the stream this week. They’ll be played all week 24/7. If you miss a show in the morning it will be repeated in the afternoon or evening. Or you can just download them here. Listen Live. * SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Sideways career moves with [...]

Personal branding tips from recruiters

Check out this cool 5 minute excerpt from a recent Recruiting Animal show. (recruitingshow.com) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] It features JT O’Donnell from the CareerRealism blog as she talks about personal branding from a recruiter’s perspective.

Me 2.0, conversation with Dan Schawbel

This month Dan talks about his new book about personal branding which was just published. He’ll tell us whats in it and how he came to write it.

whats new on jobradio for feb 9th

We 4 exciting new shows this week. Normally we’d have more but our jobcasters have been taking some breaks to catch their breath. Its been a frenetic start to the job market for 2009. But worry not my friends, we have lots of new career advice shows in the works for weeks to come. View [...]