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Fighting the ‘youre overqualified’ statement

Here’s a new JobRadio.fm career break from Nancy Anderson of Black Bird Learning Associates in the author of Job Search for Mom’s. (2 min) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] I wanted to give a quick tip about the infamous over qualified statement since it’s illegal to infer that someone is too old for [...]

Advice for the overqualified applicant

In this 1 minute career break, author Katy Piotrowski offers tips for when you are applying to a job that you’re overqualified for. (something that’s happening a lot in this economy)

Tip for what to do when your’e overqualified

Here’s a 1 minute career tip with advice for the overqualified who are applying to a lower level job. This tip comes from Brad Taft at Workingmyway.com

TIP on applying for a job when you are overqualified

When applying for a position you know you are over qualified for, downplay your abilities and your accomplishments. The hiring firm will get a sense that the job may have some challenges in it for you. Most will not hire you if they feel you will not challenged, for fear you will become bored with [...]