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The 2010 job hunting season is open!

Welcome to 2010 everyone. We hope your new year was a safe and happy one. Today is basically the start of the job hunting season as people gear up to look for jobs now that the holidays are over. Here at JobRadio.Fm the stream is brand new with the following shows. Episodes repeat approximately every 7 hours. Listen live.

1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Lets talk green jobs with green career coach Mark Gragg (download mp3)

2. JOBS IN PODS: Life working at Rooms To Go, the nations largest furniture retailer (download mp3)

3. CAREER CZAR: Discovering the Perfect Career Through the Secrets of Personality Type.

4. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Tim Ferris, the 4 Hour Workweek expanded (download mp3)

5. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: David Perry’s Career Transition Podcast (download mp3)

6. CAREER SUCCESS RADIO: Job search techniques for mature job seekers (download mp3)

7. DREAM JOB RADIO: the HR Roundtable with Laurie Reuttiman, Miriam Salpeter and other career guests

8. TALES FROM THE JOB SEARCH TRENCHES: How to get recommended even without asking

8 new shows this week Dec 8th

Things are heating up on the airwaves as we bring you 8 new shows this week including the debut of 2 new voices. Anne Marie Cross, a career coach from Australia brings her ‘down under’ voice to the Career Communique show. And Dan Schawbel, the master of Personal Branding joins us with his monthly show the ‘Personal Branding Update‘.


Mature Age Job Seekers: Powerful Marketing strategies to win that job: (32:03) Are you a mature age job seeker currently in the job market and have put what seems to be blood, sweat and tears into your resume, however don’t seem to be getting any interview call backs? Or perhaps you are securing interviews however no firm job offers? We will be joined by our special co-host Imogen Lamport – expert Image Consultant this week, so if you are struggling with your resume, your interview skills (or unknowingly your overall professional appearance), this show is a must-listen. [download mp3]


New! Original show! In this first episode, Dan Schawbel will define personal branding and revisit some of the topics from his blog over the past month including facebook guidelines, personal blogging tips and more. (22:54) [download mp3]


One Person/Multiple Careers: Author Marci Alboher Creates A New Model for Work/Life Success. ( 20min) In this interview, Marci reveals tricks for seamlessly acquiring new skills while managing an existing career. Tips for better tackling time management. Innovative ideas for balancing a slash-filled life, and secrets for creating and capitalizing on the synergies that exist between seemingly unrelated careers.[download mp3]

John Gerzema, The Brand Bubble: (29:00) A Podcast with John Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer for Young & Rubicam Group. While most managers still see metrics like trust and awareness as the backbone of how brands are built, Gerzema asserts they’re dead wrong–these metrics do not add to increased asset value. In fact, by following them, they actually hasten the declining value of their brands. [download mp3]


Using Twitter to Job Hunt: (17:01) Did you realize you can use twitter to find jobs? Yep, its true. Miriam Salpeter of Keppie Careers stops by to tell us exactly what to do to improve your job search chances via this new micro blogging phenomena. [download mp3]


The Working Podcast #76: (26:10) Path 101 will help you figure out your next career step. An interview with the Website’s CEO Charlie O’Donnell. The rules of gift giving at the office. 411 on CareerTV, Rescue Time and Career Cruising. [download mp3]


7 Tips for Jump starting a Stalled Job search: (21:36) Being involved in a long-term job search can be discouraging. Last episode four jobseekers currently engaged in a long-term job search discussed their personal challenges and frustrations. This week we’ll sum up seven tips for jumpstarting a job search that’s gone cold. [download mp3]


Family Counselor jobs at Youth Villages: (6:40) This jobcast will feature the role of Family Counselor for the non-profit Youth Villages. The mission of Youth Villages is to help children and families live successfully. Each year they help more than 11,000 emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and the District of Columbia. [download mp3]

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