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We have seven new shows in the stream this week including 12 new career breaks about changing careers. Listen live.

1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Do creative job hunting tactics really work? (download mp3)

2. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Overcoming the trauma of layoffs with David Noer (download mp3)

3. JOBS IN PODS: Nestle Purina College Recruiting Jobcast: HR Jobs (download mp3)

4. CAREER COMMUNIQUE: Career change is not only possible, its exciting (download mp3)

5. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: Managing Your Job Search While Working Full time (download mp3)

6. CAREER CZAR: Non Profits and the United Black Fund of Cleveland (download mp3)

7. JOBACLE: How to leave your job (download mp3)

We have a new show that debuts this week as well as 7 other new episodes for job seekers everywhere.

1. RECRUITING PODS: Mackey & Guasco Staffing Show – Resumes are still awful

Mackey & Guasco Staffing Radio Show for May 2009. Maureen Mackey discusses the issue of job advice overload, bad resumes, the job market and a new alliance.

2. JOB SEARCH GUY RADIO #7: What to do after a networking event

Joe hosts an exclusive interview with Shama Hyder, one of the 10 most influential and powerful women in social media about the most important things you need to do immediately after attending a networking event.

3. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Maury Hanigan The Layoff Coach

Maury Hanigan leads the team of experts that make up The Layoff Coach. As a nationally recognized authority on employment, career development and hiring, Maury brings more than 20 years experience to the position, and joins us today. [download mp3]

4. JOBS IN PODS: Merck jobcast for Manufacturing Supervisors

This is a career path jobcast featuring Manufacturing Supervisor jobs with Merck & Company. Merck is currently hiring for Manufacturing Supervisor positions for its headquarters in West Point, PA. Joining us today to discuss this role is Courtney Irene Graybill, Senior Manufacturing Supervisor within their Viral Vaccine Manufacturing division.[download mp3]

5. JOBS IN PODS: Merck jobcast for Biotechnicians

Find out what a biotechnician does. Merck’s Biotechnicians are a key part of the company’s operations. Joining us now to talk about that role is Jeff Hendricks, a level 2 Biotechnician.[download mp3]

6. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: Susan Joyce from

Susan P. Joyce is the editor & publisher of – one of the top employment portals on the Web. She’ll share 10 steps to take right now if a layoff is in your future.[listen via BTR]

7. CAREER COMMUNIQUE: Twitter for jobseekers

Social media and social networking is rapidly becoming an important tool and strategy in a job seekers job search. If you’re not familiar with social networking or are not using this as part of your job search, then this show is a must listen. [listen via BTR]

8. CAREER RENEGADE: inventRight’s Stephen Key

Career Renegade author, Jonathan Fields, interviews inventRight founder, Stephen Key about turning an idea or invention into s viable product, while minimizing risk and investment through the vehicle of licensing.[ download mp3]

Thanksgiving week shows!

In preparation for thanksgiving, check out these new shows on, the only career advice internet radio station.


Debra Feldman, The JobWhiz: Bail-out – Bail-In: A Real-World Work plan for Job Seekers! Pink-Slip Victims, Career Changers, Re-entry Candidates and Anyone Switching Fields or Looking for a New Corporate Role. 21:09 [download mp3]

Stephen Viscusi: Bulletproof Your Job – Dodging the Layoff Bullet – Be Visible, Be Easy, Be Useful, Be Ready. 23:15 [download mp3]


Game Plan Your Dream Job – Female sports agent Molly Fletcher stops by to discuss her new book “Your Dream Job Game Plan, 5 tools for becoming your own career agent”. She also reveals how one particular job seeker impressed her. 9:39 [download mp3]

Resume Writing Tips- Resume writer Katy Piotrowski swings by and drops off some resume tips and tricks from her soon to be published book, The Career Coward’s Guide to Resumes 10:11 [download mp3]


The Working Podcast #73 – Rules for your final two weeks at work. The hottest Web 2.0 sites that can help your career. The misery of an office birthday caught on tape. 15:28 [download mp3]


Prepare for a Successful Job Search Prior to Layoff – The number of companies closing their doors or slashing jobs continues to grow. We’ll discuss steps you can take to begin preparing yourself for a successful job search prior to a potential layoff. 19:43 [download mp3]


Nursing Jobcast – Ever wonder what its like to be a nurse? Find out what Mary Ann Smith, a nurse at St Josephs hospital in Denver Colorado has to say about this rewarding career. 10:49 [download mp3]