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Whats it like to work at Nestle Purina?

Well find out by listening to these new jobcasts from Jobs in Pods. Engineering Trainee describes working at Nestle Purina This jobcast will feature the role of Engineering Trainee at St. Louis based Nestle Purina. They are a leader in the pet care industry and are seeking motivated individuals to join their team. Today we’ll [...]

4 new jobcasts, SHRM coverage and free biz cards

Lots of brand new shows this week including 4 new jobcasts with Nestle Purina and Nestle USA. View full playlist. 1. JOBS IN PODS: From Intern to Auditor @ Nestle Purina, St. Louis (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] 2. JOBS IN PODS: Nestle USA Campus Experience Jobcast: Human Resources (download mp3) [...]

Phone interviewing, self-employment and 2 new jobcasts

Greeting listeners. Short post this week as the JobRadio.fm crew travels to a conference this week. We’ll have some great audio after the Social Recruiting Summitt in California. Until then enjoy these career shows. (see full playlist) 1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: How To Ace the Employment Phone Screen (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post [...]

How to connect with people, headhunters and renegades

Eight new shows fill the stream this week, check ‘em out. View full playlist. 1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: How to instantly connect with anyone Face to face networking is key to your career. Listen as author Leil Lowndes discusses tips to make your relationships stick.(download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] [...]

Twitter tips, green job, laid off camp & jobcasts

Well, things are heating up over here at JobRadio.fm. Not only do we have 3 new jobcasts this week from Jobs in Pods, but we have new audio from LaidOffCampNY, and Joe Turner the job search guy! View playlist. Stay tuned, we’ll also be releasing new audio from our recent trip to the Career Management [...]

Job hunters rejoice, new shows for Jan 19th

We have 8 new shows this week including two new jobcasts from Jobs in Pods, the only podcast where real employers talk about their jobs and tell you what its like to work there. Happy hunting everyone! 1. SAVVY JOB SEEKER – How to Recession Proof Your Job More layoffs are being announced by major [...]