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GEICO talks about insurance careers

This jobcast is all about working in the insurance field. We’ll talk to an employee of the popular insurance company GEICO to give us a peek inside these jobs and the GEICO work environment. Joining me now is Dave Hodge, Liability Claims Director for GEICO in their Virginia Beach regional office. Download MP3 or Play [...]

Nestle Purina Intern Jobcast

What do interns have to say about working for Nestle Purina? find out in this jobcast now playing in our stream. (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This jobcast will feature the role of Order Revenue Management Intern at St. Louis based Nestle Purina. They are a leader in the pet care [...]

NEC Incorporated Jobcast – Massachusetts

NEC Incorporated is a direct sales and marketing company based in Braintree, Massachusetts. They are a BtoB firm that is hired by companies such as Verizon and Quill to acquire new customers and help them add additional revenue streams to their existing customer base. NEC is currently hiring for sales & marketing talent due to [...]

Jobs @ Progressive Insurance

Jobs in Pods has 2 new jobcasts with Progressive Insurance. You can listen to them here… The first one is about entry level claims opportunities at Progressive. They interview two employees from their Claims department: Tricia Griffith and Katie Nowakowski. It’s 10 minutes long. (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] The second [...]

You’re in sales, job fair prep, and a new jobcast

Five new shows highlight this weeks live stream! Listen live via our homepage: http://jobradio.fm/ 1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Whatever Your Job Title Is, Guess What? You’re In Sales (download mp3) 2. CAREER SUCCESS RADIO: Preparing for a career fair (download unavail) 3. CAREER CZAR: Careers in CD and Video Production with Guest: Rich Gackowski (download [...]

ADP’s diversity podcast

Our friends at ADP talk about diversity at their company. (7 min)

Get better at sales, Trends in Resumes & more this week

Six new shows highlight this weeks stream. Listen live at http://jobradio.fm. 1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: What to do if your’e not a natural born seller, Part 1 (download mp3) 2. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Wendy Enelow, author & resume writer on trends in resumes (download mp3) 3. ONWARD SEARCH CAREER CAST: Episode #2 The [...]