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CMA 2009: Jason Alba gives LinkedIn tips

Our pal Jason Alba stops by and gives us a few Linkedin tips including how build up your network and how to use the status update field. in february is hot, hot, hot

Its never groundhog day at We always have new shows to hit the career airwaves. This week pink slip parties are all the rage and experts sound off on the recruiting industry as new internships are discovered. View full playlist.

Here’s whats new this week:

1. Working Podcast #84

A look into the future: caffeine banned from work. Commuter rules of the four-way stop. 2009 career resolutions for YOU. GreatPlaceJobs and Telonu in the Career Filter. [download mp3]

2. Jobs in Pods

Jobcast: Nestle Purina Sales Internships [download mp3]

3. Total Picture Radio: HR Trendwatch

Not all director-level positions are created equal. Donna Bear profiles the career paths of Lisa Brummel, Microsoft; and Arvind Rajan, Linkedin. [download mp3]

4. Total Picture Radio: Gerry Crispin’s 2009 Recruiting Forecast

What’s happening inside the staffing industry? Is applicant data a ticking time-bomb? Is anyone hiring?What do job seekers need to know? [download mp3]

5. Savvy Jobseeker: Pink Slip Mixers

When Edwin Duterte lost his job and couldn’t find another he decided to take matters into his own hands. He started throwing local networking events called Pink Slip Mixers. Edwin shares his story and networking tips for job hunters. [download mp3]

6. Career Communique: Jason Alba from JibberJobber

Join Annemarie Cross and her very special guest Jason Alba – CEO of – Career Management 2.0 as they launch the first Australian partnership for with Advanced Employment Concepts. [download mp3]

Nuevo shows for Dec 15th

Well 10 days to xmas. Excited yet?

Other than the holiday it seems all anyone is talking about is jobs, jobs, jobs. So this weeks shows are all about strategies to help you get that job. Our pal Jason Alba is can be heard on 2 of them (that guy is everywhere). Anyway, enjoy. View the entire playlist.


Todd Rhoad, the Team Approach to Career Success – 15min [download mp3]

Common Resume Problems with Laura Smith-Proulx – 10min [download mp3]


David Henderson – The Media Savvy Business Leader – 22min [download mp3]

Jason Alba – LinkedIn Strategies for Job Seekers - 37min [download mp3]


Jobcast - 6min – Exempla Heathcare Information Technology careers for this Denver based hospital system. Hear what its like to work in healthcare I.T.[download mp3]


The Working Podcast #80 – 14min – new career resources and a song about the girl in the next cubicle. [download mp3]


Get organized for a successful job search with guest Jason Alba of JibberJobber fame. 29min [download mp3]


Why in a market downturn job seekers need to think like an entrepreneur. 33min [download mp3]