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Solar projects and geothermal jobs – Green Jobcast #18

The Green Jobcast, episode 18, is a short news segment with information about Green Jobs making headlines across the country. This week news on solar projects and geothermal jobs. (download mp3) 3 minutes



First up… the Hartford business journal is reporting that Constellation Energy Group Inc. said today it will build a photovoltaic system to generate solar power at an entertainment complex adjacent to the New England Patriots’ stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

The power system will generate about 525 kilowatts at Patriot Place, the 1.3-million-square-foot entertainment, retail and dining complex next to the NFL team’s Gillette Stadium. Topping seven roofs, the power system will supply about 30 percent of Patriot Place’s power, Constellation said.

Construction is expected to begin in late October and will require installation of about 2,800 photovoltaic panels, the company said. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the year, spokesman Aaron Koos said.

Constellation Energy estimates the system will generate more than 12 million kilowatt hours of electricity over 20 years and will prevent the release of more than 8,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide. The company said that is equal to removing more than 1,600 cars from the road for a year.

A large scale solar energy project at Fort Irwin California is expected to create hundreds of jobs, but shovels won’t be hitting the ground for another two to three years. The solar sites will create up to 400 construction jobs and 350 jobs to maintain and operate the power plants over a 10-year period, according to Brian Crunk, project manager of Clark Energy Group, one of the two renewable energy developers working on the project.

The Arlington, Va.-based group has teamed with Acciona Solar Power, based in Madrid, Spain, which operates the massive Nevada Solar One power plants in Boulder City, Nev. Once completed, the solar power plants will be the Department of Defense’s largest ever solar energy project.

In Pennsylvannia the Daily Item is reporting that the Milton Borough Council planning commission approved a $32 million plan to build the largest solar farm east of the Mississippi River in a portion of the Milton Industrial Park. The proposed farm, to feature 26,000 solar panels, will produce enough daytime power for two businesses in the industrial park. The project will create 10 full-time jobs to design, build and operate the farm, 50 full-time local green support jobs, and five temporary jobs, to build the solar farm system.

A new geothermal plant in Idaho is providing electricity for 10,000 homes and heating up Idaho’s clean energy economy. Recent analysis by federal agencies documents the West’s extensive geothermal resources, estimating over 8,000 megawatts of electrical power could be generated from identified geothermal resources in the western United States. “Across the rural West, we can warm up the job market, grow our businesses, and heat up our economy with geothermal power,” said Bill Midcap, Director of Renewable Energy Development for the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union.

The western United States has abundant geothermal resources. The recent federal report identified geothermal resources in all 12 western states. The report found that the “hottest resources” where “commercial electric generation would most likely occur” include central and northern Nevada, western Utah, and southern and central Idaho.


Solar and Wind Jobs – Green Jobcast #17

The Green Jobcast, episode 17, is a short news segment with information about Green Jobs making headlines across the country. This week news on solar jobs and wind jobs.

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Governor Jennifer M. Granholm has announced a significant addition to Michigan’s burgeoning clean-energy industrial base as Georgia-based Suniva Inc. will invest $250 million in a new solar manufacturing facility in Saginaw County’s Thomas Township. Suniva will create 500 new jobs over the next five years subject to receiving a Department of Energy loan guarantee, which the company recently applied for.

Also in Michigan…Dow Chemical has been working on a solar shingle for a couple of years now, and Monday, the company said it was ready to test market the product. If it works, it would turn any home that uses them into a mini power station. It could also bring jobs to Mid-Michigan. Dow Solar Solutions currently employs 60 people, but if this product does what the company believes it can do, there could be several hundred jobs to follow. The solar shingles have been produced at Dow’s Solar Solution facility, and it’s possible shingles like these will be in limited use next year.

We’ve got a few new green jobs to tell you about, first on Jobs in Solar Power, Clean Energy Constructors (Phoenix, Arizona) has an opening for Senior Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Installer – Perform duties of a commercial Senior PV Electrical Installer for Clean Energy Constructors (CEC). You must possess the skills necessary to plan, organize and perform all PV installation activities, such as, racking/panel mounting, equipment & metering installation, substation breaker installation, and associated DC/AC conduit & wire installation. You must be able to meet with clients to coordinate the completion of the roof-top or ground mount arrays.

Unirac, Inc. (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is seeking a Structural engineer job. Highly successful, rapid growing solar module racking manufacturer seeking Structural Engineer to provide technical support for the Custom Solutions Group. Responsibilities will include heavy emphasis on structural analysis and design of racking components and systems for a variety of standard and custom configurations, interpretation and application of building codes, and extensive interaction with customers. Bachelor’s degree in structural engineering with a minimum of eight (8) years of progressive design experience is required. Experience in the design of cold-formed steel for structural applications and knowledge of construction practices and standards is strongly desired.

And in Sullivan County NY, Sullivan County Community College is looking for Wind Turbine Technology Faculty. Instructor needed to implement a curriculum in Wind Turbine Technology in spring 2010 and teach major classes starting in August 2010. The instructor will assist in recruiting and marketing activities and teach additional courses appropriate to experience until the curriculum is fully implemented.

Qualifications include a Master’s degree (strongly preferred) or Bachelor’s degree with demonstrated equivalent industry experience in operating and maintaining large and small wind turbines (required).


The Green Jobcast #16 – green jobs

The Green Jobcast, episode 16, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. (download mp3) 3 minutes

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Hartford-based Northeast Utilities’ Western Massachusetts Electric Co. unit is soliciting site proposals as well as contractors and suppliers to build New England’s first large-scale solar energy system.

WMECo plans to install up to 3 megawatts of photovoltaic facilities during 2010 and will begin its solicitation of potential sites in the coming weeks. Up to six megawatts of solar facilities will be built — enough to power 6,000 homes. Construction is expected to begin in early 2010.

In Colorado E2Logicx Solar is planning to create 130 new jobs when it opens a new manufacturing facility and its world headquarters in Brush. The 18-month construction period for the new facility is expected to begin in late winter of 2010. the plant would fill many of its 130 permanent positions through creating internship and job-training programs.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wants world leaders meeting this week at the UN to know that by reducing global warming they could be creating 10 million new green jobs – Blair stated that the 10 million new jobs would stem from initiatives to cut greenhouse gases. He released the report in New York showing that a global climate agreement could increase the world’s GDP by 0.8 percent by 2020, as compared to doing nothing.

In Tipton County Indiana,… 3 separate governing bodies approved a set of incentives that keep the county in the running for Apex, a solar-energy company that could create hundreds of jobs.

The county commissioners, county council and redevelopment commission OK’d a resolution that spells out incentives the county will offer to land the company. The firm is interested in the vacant Getrag Transmission Manufacturing LLC building at the intersection of U.S. 31 and Indiana 28. Officials say Apex would invest $450 million in property improvements and equipment and create 850 jobs.

More Wind Power = More U.S. Jobs according to a new Report: The rapidly growing U.S. wind industry could well create new manufacturing opportunities and restore jobs lost in the recent economic downturn, according to a new report by researchers at Duke University’s Center for Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC).

Global wind capacity has grown at an average rate of 30% per year over the past decade and the United States is currently the world leader in producing wind power. The report entitled, “Wind Power: Generating Electricity and Employment,” reveals hidden economic opportunities that exist within the supply chains that provide parts and labor for the wind power industry.

“Every time a wind power project is installed it creates jobs, not only in the manufacturing sector, but also for structural engineers, surveyors, mechanics, sheet metal workers, machinists, truck drivers, construction equipment operators and wind turbine operators,” the reports author noted.


The Green Jobcast #15 (fastest green job occupations)

The Green Jobcast, episode 15, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. (download mp3) 3 minutes

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TRANSCRIPT (special report)

“In order to succeed in the 21st century, we’re working to improve education, expand health care, fix the infrastructure, overhaul our manufacturing industries, adopt green technologies, and continue our leadership in high-tech innovation,” says Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., one of the nation’s leading occupational experts and author of the recently released book 200 Best Jobs for Renewing America.

Throughout his book, Shatkin explores the six industries that are at the center of America’s shift toward a forward-looking economy: Education, Infrastructure, Health Care, Information and Telecommunication Technologies, Green Technologies and Advanced Manufacturing. He also identifies the best overall jobs, best-paying jobs, fastest-growing jobs and more within each of the six renewal industries.

Of these industries, Green Technologies, in particular, has gained a great deal of interest among individuals hoping to secure a solid job as the economy continues to shift and become more competitive in the upcoming decades. Below is a sample list from 200 Best Jobs for Renewing America, identifying the 10 best Green Technologies jobs overall.

1. Construction Managers
Annual Earnings: $76,230
Percent Growth: 15.7 percent

2. Industrial Engineers
Annual Earnings: $71,430
Percent Growth: 20.3 percent

3. First-line Supervisors/Managers of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers
Annual Earnings: $55,950
Percent Growth: 9.1 percent

4. Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health
Annual Earnings: $58,380
Percent Growth: 25.1 percent

5. Construction and Building Instructors
Annual Earnings: $48,330
Percent Growth: 18.2 percent

6. Environmental Engineers
Annual Earnings: $72,350
Percent Growth: 25.4 percent

7. Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters
Annual Earnings: $44,090
Percent Growth: 10.6 percent

8. Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers
Annual Earnings: $75,800
Percent Growth: 21.9 percent

9. Carpenters
Annual Earnings: $37,660
Percent Growth: 10.3 percent

10. Electricians
Annual Earnings: $44,780
Percent Growth: 7.4 percent

Additional information about the best jobs in each of the six renewal industries can be found in 200 Best Jobs for Renewing America, which published this month. The book is now available at Amazon.com, all major bookstores and from the publisher.


The Green Jobcast #13

The Green Jobcast, episode 13, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. (download mp3) 3 minutes

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First up… Cobalt Biofuels (based in Mt. View, CA) has raised $25 million to commercialize bio-butanol which can be blended into gasoline, ethanol or used as a solvent. They currently have openings in Bioprocess development.

Seatlle based Clean Scapes, whose trucks are powered by natural gas has acquired $1.6 million to expand their recycling and trash collection business. They have openings in route management and operations.
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzengger just announced the creation of the Clean Energy Workforce Training Program, the nation’s largest state-sponsored green jobs training program.

The program will be funded by $75 million from stimulus funds, public-private partnerships and state and local funding.

It will train more than 20,000 new or re-skilled clean energy workers to build a workforce capable of performing the jobs necessary to meet the state’s goals of renewable energy development, climate change reduction, clean transportation and green building construction.

In ROTHSCHILD, Wisconsin We Energies announced the proposed construction of a $250 million biomass-fueled power plant at Domtar Corporation’s Rothschild, Wisconsin paper mill site. Wood, waste wood and sawdust will be used to produce 50 megawatts of electricity.

The partnership between We Energies and Domtar will add another technology to We Energies’ renewable energy portfolio.

That portfolio includes the state’s largest wind development — the 145 megawatt Blue Sky Green Field Wind Energy Center in Fond du Lac County and the proposed 162 megawatt Glacier Hills Wind Park in Columbia County. Together, these projects will be capable of generating enough renewable energy to supply around 120,000 homes.

The project is expected to create approximately 400 construction jobs and 150 permanent jobs in the surrounding community, including independent wood suppliers and haulers from northern and central Wisconsin who will secure waste wood for the project.

In florida a solar cell equipment maker is moving from Sarasota County to Manatee County and expects to be adding 125 jobs in the next two years. Mustang Vacuum Systems LLC, which now employs 25, expects to pay an average wage of more than $44,000, according to the Manatee Economic Development Council. The company, which is receiving a grant from Manatee County and money from the state, will move from its site at 1675 Independence Blvd. to the Sarasota Commerce Center in south Manatee County. Mustang’s president, expects the new plant to open by the end of this year. The new 50,000-square-foot plant will allow Mustang to expand its production of “thin-film solar photovoltaic cell equipment.


The Green Jobcast #12

The Green Jobcast, episode 12, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. (download mp3) 3 minutes

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First up… a Solar power plant will rise on Kearny NJ landfill.–Gov. Jon Corzine officially announced an $8.5 million plan to construct a solar power plant on the grounds of a former landfill. The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission will lease parts of the landfill to a company that will be responsible for designing, financing, owning and operating the solar facility.

The new plant will cover 28 acres, which is space for enough solar panels to produce 5 megawatts of power, according to the NJMC. It is estimated that the plant would create at least 180 jobs.

Next, CPS Energy and Juwi Solar Inc. have agreed to jointly develop a new solar energy project in Southeast San Antonio. Under the Blue Wing Solar project, Juwi will install 214,500 solar photovoltaic modules near the intersection of Interstate Highway 37 and U.S. Highway 181. The project should generate 14 megawatts of power. This is enough electricity to power 1,800 homes annually.

Juwi Solar, based in Boulder, Colo., expects to break ground on Blue Wing Solar in the first quarter of 2010. Electricity should begin producing toward the end of 2010. The solar facility is expected to create 100 full-time equivalent jobs during the construction phase and seven permanent jobs during the operation and maintenance phase.

The Providence Journal is reporting that a start-up company planning a biodiesel storage and blending facility in the Quonset Business Park has expanded the size of its proposal in response to a projected increase in demand for alternative fuels in New England. Alterra plans to create different blends of biodiesel by mixing diesel with soybean oil and other vegetable oils produced in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Quonset facility could supply 35 million gallons of fuel annually. It will have 18 full-time employees, and construction of the facility could provide an additional 75 temporary jobs. If all goes according to plan, the facility could be up and running by the middle of 2010.

In Tennessee the Chattanooga Times Free Press is reporting Wind turbine tower maker Aerisyn has been purchased by a German company and plans are to add 120 jobs and invest $3 million into the company’s Chattanooga facility. The company said it expects to reach full production by mid-2011 and to employ 240 people.

Join the Green Job Corps….the National Green Energy Council has announced its new Green Jobs Corps program, designed to train people across the nation in Green methods and practices. The Council hopes that class attendees will leave the classroom with a greater knowledge of how to provide certain green services to their customers, and The Council will even assist with job placement!

For more information visit www.GreenEnergyCouncil.com


The Green Jobcast #11

The Green Jobcast, episode 11, is a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. (download mp3) 3 minutes

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in Solar job news…Several hundred jobs could be coming to Southern California’s Coachella Valley if a new photovoltaic solar electricity project goes through as planned…

Hundreds of construction jobs would be created for a large-scale solar power project slated to begin construction in 2012 near Desert Center, about 50 miles east of Indio, according to Southern California Edison.
The project–dubbed Desert Sunlight– is being built by both Southern California Edison and First Solar, Inc., an Arizona based solar module manufacturer, SCE said. It is expected to be completed in 2015, pending network upgrades and receipt of applicable government permits.

A Maryland company has bought a site in North Carolina for a photovoltaic solar farm. The Winston-Salem Journal reported that SunEdison LLC has started grading on the 357-acre site. SunEdison is the largest solar-energy company in North America. Besides 80 construction jobs, the company plans to have three employees. Production is expected to begin by December 2010.

A new wind turbine manufacturing company is open for business and expects to create 25 jobs in Northwest Ohio, SUREnergy expects to open a facility on Gill Road outside Port Clinton and another in Toledo, said Curtis Stokes of Oak Harbor, a partner in the venture.

QUOTE: “Our main focus is to get people’s attention to alternative energy as the future and to create jobs,” Stokes said. “There are a lot of people who are out of work who this industry could help.” Those interested in working for the company should enroll in the Wind Power Technology Certificate program at Terra Community College in Fremont, he said.

The Denver Business Journal is reporting that Wind-energy company REpower USA Corp. of Portland is moving its headquarters to Denver in early September.

The U.S. company, which is a subsidiary of German wind-turbine manufacturer REpower Systems AG, plans to relocate and/or hire 25 employees for its Denver headquarters operation, and possibly double its staff here in about a year. The company did not say where its Denver offices will be located.

Finally in New Jersey, The Department of Continuing and Professional Education at Ocean County College is focusing on developing a talent net work for g reen colla r jobs. All classes will be held on OCC’s Main Campus, College Drive, Toms River, unless otherwise noted. Register today!

It is estimated that over the next decade, New Jersey will see approximately 20,000 green jobs. To help meet that demand, OCC’s Continuing and Professional Education is offering green technology training for marketable employment opportunities. In addition, courses will be offered for the homeowner and general public to increase their knowledge about this green initiative.

Five new non-credit green courses will be offered this fall.including ones in Solar Energy Systems and Energy Conservation for Homeowners.