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8 new career shows this week!

Greetings job seekers. We’ve got a terrific lineup this week with eight new shows from just about everyone in our lineup. Shows repeat approx every 7 hours. Listen live.

1. Total Picture Radio: Jeff Berger from (download mp3)

2. Total Picture Radio: John Sumser on the Social Recruiting Adoption Curve (download mp3)

3. Travel Nursing Insider: Episode #2 Benefits of being a travel nurse (download mp3)

4. Jobs in Pods: Corbis is hiring in Seattle, NY, Calgary, LA, London and other global locations.(download mp3)

5. Dream Job Radio: Robyn Cobb from Cliqset and Paul Eulette of Quarterlife magazine (download mp3)

6. Career Success: Informational Interviews and Guerrilla Marketing (download mp3)

7. Tales from the Job Search Trenches: The Undercover Lawyer tells job candidates how to use the law to their advantage (download mp3)

8. Career Czar: Leadership and Competitive Advantage with Dr Jerry Brightman

Greetings listeners! We have another great week of career radio for you. In addition to what you see below we’ll also have several new career breaks about how to write a cover letter. Stay tuned to the blog to thear them during the week. View full playlist.

1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Interview with Chris Hoyt, AT&T Talent Attraction Mgr (download mp3)

2. JOBACLE: Working Podcast #90 What’s On Your Desk Contest: (download mp3)

3. CAREER COMMUNIQUE: 5 Ways to be found online (listen via BTR)

4. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: Great jobs in the economic stimulus (listen via BTR)

5. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Recession busting job search strategies with Mary Elizabeth Bradford (download mp3)

6. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Are you a fierce job hunter? Mark Hovind of JobBait (download mp3)

7. JOBS IN PODS: Tech jobs at Corbis in Seattle (download mp3)

8. CAREER RENEGADE: Men@Pause (download mp3)

New audio this week – Nov 16th thru 22nd

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Total Picture Radio

10 Great Career Lies: Have you tried to plan your career? Do you consider yourself, or others you admire to be “self-made?” Do you believe hard work and skill will be properly rewarded? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, you just might change your mind after you listen to our Success Strategies Podcast with Stever Robbins, Executive Coach and host of the Get-it-Done Guy podcast. 30:33 [download mp3]

Employer Branding & Social Media: Peter Clayton interviews Paul Harrison, managing partner of Carve, a London-based digital engagement consultancy at the Expo 2008 – Global Conference for Online Recruitment in Chicago last month. Paul, and his team at Carve, help organizations build compelling employer brands and develop impactful talent attraction strategies. His presentation at OnRec was titled: “Listening to the Conversation – Employer Brands and the Social Media” 15:57 [download mp3]

Secrets of the Job Hunt

Blogging for Jobs: Matt Terl is the new blogger for the Washington Redskins. Learn how he went from fan to his dream job of professional sports blogger covering his favorite team. In this candid interview he’ll also tell us what skills every blogger needs to have to succeed. 11:02 [download mp3]

All about Healthcare careers: Andrea Santiago,’s guide to healthcare careers stops by to talk about the state of the healthcare job market. She’ll tell you how to transition into healthcare as well as tips for finding the job right for you. 25:51 [download mp3]

The Savvy Jobseeker

Is that Negotiable: Your job hunt has paid off and you’ve just received a job offer – but it isn’t quite what you had in mind. Is there room for negotiation? If so, what is the best way to handle it? And how should you broach the subject of a salary increase at your current job? Executive Career Coach, Cheryl Palmer, M.Ed., CECC, CPRW, will join us to discuss the art of salary negotiations during “Is That Negotiable?” 42:00 [download mp3]

Reaching out to Employers: Mary Elizabeth Bradford joins us this week to discuss using the telephone to reach out and touch potential employers. Tune in to learn three reasons your telephone is a secret weapon in your job search. 42:00 [download mp3]

Jobs in Pods

Veer: Talent Scout Anette Ceraficki and her new colleague from Corbis discuss their recent merger and their current hiring plans for offices in Seattle and Calgary. 9:01 [download mp3]

EMC: This jobcast features technology careers with EMC. They are currently hiring for the role of Microsoft Infrastructure Solutions Architect nationwide. Joining us to discuss the job and culture at EMC is David Gnall, a National Practice Lead for Microsoft Technical Infrastructure and Marcie Phillips, Senior Recruiter in Talent Acquisition. 10:11 [download mp3]

JobacleThe Working Podcast #70: Nutrition tips for work 21:00 [download mp3]