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Sheila Curran – Emerging Careers – CTL 2010

Whats an emerging career? Well Sheila Curran works with college students and grads helping them emerge into the workforce. We spoke with her at the recent Career Thought Leaders conference.

Job hunting for grads, part 1

Maureen Mackey and Lu Guasco of Connecticut based Mackey & Guasco Staffing Associates led a group of more than 50 recent grads and their parents recently at the Fairfield Public library as part of their Jobs 2009 Series of speakers. Here is part 1, about 37 mins long. (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post [...]

Reinventing, college grad advice and corp career sites

6 new shows highlight the JobRadio.FM stream this week. View full playlist. 1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Advice for College Grads from Kaplan U’s Betsy Richards (download mp3) 2. Special Guest Show: 7 Steps to Green Career, hour long teleseminar courtesy of Greencareercentral (download mp3) 3. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Dice.com acquires Allhealthcarejobs.com (download mp3) [...]

Career Break: Advice for spring graduates

Career Break! Quick tip for those graduating from college this spring. (1 minute)

Bad news for college grads this year

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says this year will be bleak for college grads. “Undergraduate hiring is expected to plummet this spring according to the results from a recent survey, dashing some analysts’ hopes that a degree would help graduates weather the economic storm. The study, conducted by the National Association of Colleges [...]

6 new shows for week of Feb 16

1. Jobacle.com – The Working Podcast #85 The price of the uncalled for reprimand. What if the characters from ABC’s LOST had to re-enter the work force? Interviewing-101, Unemploymentality and other new job Websites. What weather do you prefer to work in? [download mp3] 2. Secrets of the Job Hunt – 10 Tips to Great [...]