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You’re in sales, job fair prep, and a new jobcast

Five new shows highlight this weeks live stream! Listen live via our homepage:

1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Whatever Your Job Title Is, Guess What? You’re In Sales

2. CAREER SUCCESS RADIO: Preparing for a career fair (download unavail)

3. CAREER CZAR: Careers in CD and Video Production with Guest: Rich Gackowski

4. JOBS IN PODS: All about diversity at ADP (download mp3)

5. JOBRADIO.FM: Joe Carbone of Connecticut’s The Workplace Inc talks about their green job training initiatives (download mp3)

ADP’s diversity podcast

Whats it like to work at ADP?

Well find out in this short jobcast with three of their recruiters. Find out about the culture and types of jobs they hire for. (download mp3)

We have lots of great career advice shows in the stream this week. They’ll be played all week 24/7. If you miss a show in the morning it will be repeated in the afternoon or evening. Or you can just download them here. Listen Live.

* SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: Sideways career moves with Pat Palleschi a career transition expert. (download mp3)

* JOBS IN PODS: Three recruiters discuss careers at ADP (download mp3)

* JOBS IN PODS: GEICO’s Supervisor Leadership Program – Recent Grads (PART 1 download mp3) (PART 2 download mp3)

* TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: What are you challenged by at work with David Rock (download mp3)

* CAREER CZAR: Career Tips to Weather the Great Recession from Coach Christine.

* CAREER COMMUNIQUE: Exploring careers with today’s youth. (download mp3)

* SAVVY JOBSEEKER: Building a powerful personal brand (download mp3)