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Checking Email On Vacation

Do you check email on vacation? If you do, you’re not alone. Surveys report that more than half of employees check email while they are on vacation. The bigger question is whether you should take the time to check your email while you’re on vacation or otherwise not working. If you do, a vacation can [...]

10 Tips for Relocating with Children

The prospect of moving away from their school, their neighborhood, their friends, and everything that is familiar to them is daunting to children of all ages. You can help make the transition easier by keeping the lines of communication open, keeping them involved in the communication process, helping them transition from old friendships to new [...]

Twitter Czar Keith Keller

Twitter Czar Keith Keller – Tweety Bird! – Using Twiter to Build Your Brand! Keith’s website!

Leading National Expert on Career Coaching Helps New Graduates Land Sought After Jobs

Master the art of interviewing and learn how to get the job you really want. That’s the objective of a new book, (Hudson House Publishing), by long-time career coach and national expert, Ellyn Enisman. “Job Interview Skills 101: The Course You Forgot to Take” is the how-to guide for new grads and college students, seeking [...]

Social Media 101

Social Media 101 (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Topic – Contributing Host Linda Burkley discusses the ever changing and fast paced world of social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with the Czar, Coach Christine and and Producer Millian. Guest: Linda Burkley, IOM, APR

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How to use Linkedin

In our 7th and final career break audio on tips for using LinkedIn if you are unemployed, networking author Diane Crompton has some advice. Many of those out of work have a hard time figuring out these new online tools they need to be on. Hopefully these tips will help. (download mp3) 1 min Audio [...]