GEICO talks about insurance careers

This jobcast is all about working in the insurance field. We’ll talk to an employee of the popular insurance company GEICO to give us a peek inside these jobs and the GEICO work environment. Joining me now is Dave Hodge, Liability Claims Director for GEICO in their Virginia Beach regional office.

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Topics to be discussed:

• What makes auto insurance different from other insurance sectors?
• In general, auto insurance isn’t necessarily thought of as the most glamorous industry. Would you agree – why or why not?
• From all the commercials on TV, it seems like it’s a pretty competitive industry, too. What are your thoughts about the competitive nature of insurance?
• I read recently there are over 2.3 million people working in the US insurance industry. What types of jobs does the industry offer?
• In your opinion, why should someone consider working in auto insurance?
• What key skills do you need in order to be successful?
• What advice would you give to someone interested in working in insurance?
• How to apply for jobs at GEICO?

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