In our continuing career break series with Wendy Enelow says that cover letters are really becoming E letters. She’s authored 20+ resume, cover letter and job search books; runs a careers think-tank disseminating best practices and trends in resumes, career coaching, branding, interviewing, networking, social media, job search and more; and she is hosting the 2010 Career Thought Leaders Conference in Baltimore in March. (download mp3) (1 min)

Great Opportunity for Serious Job Seekers:
2010 Career Thought Leaders Conference & Symposium, Baltimore, MD

Monday, March 22, 2010: Mastering the Art of Resume Writing

Job seekers are more than welcome to register and attend the first day of this 3-day professional conference. Not only will they enjoy 8 hours of intense training and discussion on writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, career biographies, thank-you letters and more, they’ll have the opportunity to meet, network with and communicate directly with 100+ of the top resume writers in the country. Quite an opportunity!

JOB SEEKERS INVITED TO RESUME DAY: Re pricing, 1-day registration is currently $425 for career professionals. However, we’re pleased to offer job seekers the opportunity to attend for $350/day (including all meals and materials) since we know how remarkably difficult the employment market and landscape are and we want to encourage them to take advantage of the most unique opportunity. Surround yourself with some of the top career coaches/resume writers in the country.