Monthly Archives: January, 2010

Tips for filling in your linkedin profile

Crystal Kendrick calls in with her tips for how to fill in your Linkedin profile and how she uses the site as a business tool. (download mp3) 1 min 30 sec [Audio clip: view full post to listen] “unemployed people should develop a communication strategy before they change their profiles and not immediately post status [...]

Should you share your job search status?

Ever wondered if you should use those Linkedin or Facebook status updates to let people know you are job hunting? This author has an answer. (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] This is Diane Compton online networking strategist…it’s important to know that it’s not considered a negative to openly share your job [...]

Store manager’s jobcast for Rooms To Go

Store managers describing job growth Rooms To Go @ Yahoo! Video

Advice if you’re thinking about going to law school

Ursula Furi-perry, author of Law School Revealed: Secrets, Opportunities, and Success! calls in with her advice if you are thinking to go to law school.

Hear whats new this week!

We have five interesting career shows this week. Download them individually or listen live. Feel free to comment on any of our shows through our voicemail line at 203-816-0339. We may even play your comment on the air! 1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Rewind09: $100K+ Job Search Advice with Kathy Simmons, President & CEO of NETSHARE [...]

Oncology Careers on the Healthcare Jobcast

Welcome to Andrea Santiago’s Healthcare Jobcast! A short news segment on the world of healthcare careers. This weeks episode: Oncology Careers [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Oncology is the medical specialty focusing on the treatment of cancer patients. With cancer being one of the leading health issues in the country, this is a [...]

Job hunting for grads, part 2

Maureen Mackey and Lu Guasco of Connecticut based Mackey & Guasco Staffing Associates led a group of more than 50 recent grads and their parents recently at the Fairfield Public library as part of their Jobs 2009 Series of speakers. Here is part 2, about 30 mins long. (download mp3) [Audio clip: view full post [...]