Monthly Archives: November, 2009

Financial lessons, onboarding Gen Y and networking tips

Welcome back, we hope you are “stuffed” and had a great thanksgiving holiday. Here are five new shows to feast on. Listen live. 1) CAREER CZAR: 5 Financial Lessons from the Great Recession. Key lessons on how to manage your finances to learn from these tough economic times. (download mp3) 2) TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Onboarding [...]

How to Become a Cardiovascular Technologist (CVT)

This week on the healthcare Jobcast (#19) Andrea talks about how to become a CVT (download mp3) 3 min [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Working as a cardiovascular technologist (CVT) is one of many dynamic allied health careers in the field of cardiology – also known as cardiovascular medicine. CVTs assist cardiologists in [...]

Great interview answers – Kerrie Cowan

Kerrie Cowan from Tru-Alignment Coaching left us this tip about a great interview answer she once heard. Thanks Kerrie! [download mp3] or play live: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] it was just perfect because it just really kinda cut the tension Do You Have a Great Interview Answer Story? Call it into our [...]

Job search tales: Ask not for help in your job search, ask what you can do to help

In this episode of “Tales from the job search trenches“, Kevin Kermes explains that today’s challenging employment market requires a different approach by job seekers. Candidates need to find activities which allow them to both demonstrate their skills, learn, and network at the same time. Offering free advice, and help, to companies you are interested [...]

How to network with Alumni, get the job you want & more!

Several new shows and topics hit the stream this week including a new show from the career services arm of Miami University. Happy thanksgiving everyone. 1. MIAMI UNVERSITY’S CAREERCHAT: Networking with Alumni (download mp3) 2. SAVVY JOBSEEKER: How to Get the Job You Want When No One’s Hiring (download mp3) 3. CAREER CZAR: Tips from [...]

GE’s Vic Bhagat talks about bringing jobs to Michigan

Check out this interview about GE’s new tech center which is bringing hundreds of jobs to Michigan. Jobs at GE's AMSTC in Michigan @ Yahoo! Video

Job search tales: Your next job may be with your ex-employer

Here’s a new show we’re checking out; In this episode of “Tales from the job search trenches”, Jennifer Ellis explains how companies such as Microsoft often like hiring alumni to fill new openings. Job seekers should consider their previous employers as places to work, and ex-employers often value the knowledge of the business, and organizations, [...]