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Pat Meehan’s Career Tip of the Week

Pat Meehan a career expert from the Meehan Group will be calling in his tip of the week every week here at (30 secs) [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

The Green Jobcast, episode #1

We’re proud to announce a new weekly show called The Green Jobcast, a short news segment with information about green jobs making headlines across the country. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Subscribe in a reader Subscribe with iTunes

Meet our new Twintern, Alison Kaminski has our first official employee and her name is Alison Kaminski. Alison holds an MBA from Penn State University and will be responsible for the twitter account. Please follow us at

Work at home ideas for moms, job news and future of talent

Here’s whats new this week inside the stream. 1. SECRETS OF THE JOB HUNT: MAY 2009 JOB SEARCH ROUNDUP In the news this month: WiHire, Inside Job Facebook App, Tweetmyjobs, ResuneBear,, Mindopia, Survey of recruitment advertising effectiveness.(download mp3) 2. JOBS IN PODS: GE ENERGY JOBCAST This jobcast will feature the GE Operations Management Leadership [...]

Accountability in your career

Understanding Accountability by Pat Meehan “When we truly take accountability for ourselves, we are freeing ourselves from the chains of self pity, poverty, blaming others, and being victims.” Accountability can be a very scary word. Many of us grew up to learn it as a negative word that assigned blame for something we did wrong. [...]

CMA 2009: Randall Hansen of QuintCareers

Dr. Randall Hansen is Publisher & Founder of one of the longest running career advice sites on the internet. QuintCareers. sat down with him at the recent CMA conference in San Antonio. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Older job seekers…AARP wants to help

On Wednesday May 20th at 2pm ET AARP will be holding a free webinar on the subject of Navigating Your Way Through Job Loss. Register here SUMMARY: Job loss is tough at any age, and even more so if you’re age 45+. If you’ve just lost your job, what should you do first? If you’ve [...]