Monthly Archives: April, 2009

tons of media coming soon from career management alliance conference

We’re just flying home from San Antonio Texas where we just attended the Career Management Alliance conference. Its a large gathering of career coaches/resume writers that happens every year.’s own Chris Russell was there and got tons of interviews, news, pics and even video. Over the next 2 weeks we’ll be releasing these spots [...]

Talent, fearing your boss and your wow factor

This week we have 6 new shows in the stream. The Working Podcast and Job Search Guy are back while the Savvy Roxanne takes a break. View full playlist. 1. JOB SEARCH GUY: 20 Facebook Apps for Your Job Search Joe hosts an exclusive interview with Tawny Labrum of BINC, a professional headhunting organization, as [...]

How to handle the job offer

This post is courtesy of Pat Meehan. “There is no part of your life that should be missing the aspects of accountability, self-awareness, and self-improvement, including your response to a job offer.” You have come such a long way in the process of building your “Career of a Lifetime.” 1. You have chosen accountability for [...]

Job security, advice for older workers and the future of recruiting

Here’s whats new this week on 1. 9 new Career Breaks with Advice for older workers. Each break is 1 minute long and sandwiched in between shows toward the back end of our stream. 2. THE SAVVY JOBSEEKER: Three Keys to Discovering Work You’ll Love Tired of ending up in jobs that make you [...]

mistakes college graduates make during the interview process

This is from a new CareerBuilder survey. When asked to identify the biggest mistakes recent college graduates make during the application and interview process, employers reported the following: * Acting bored or cocky – 63 percent * Not dressing appropriately – 61 percent * Coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company – [...]

Another ‘why should i hire you’ caller

Eduardo Ramirez, a project manager answers the call for ‘Why Should I hire You?’ Do you want to tell us your pitch? Call our comment line at 206-888-9910 and tell us in 60 seconds or less why a company should hire you. Lead with your name and desired position. And remember make it short and [...]

Twitter job hunt tip (audio)

A caller, “Mike” sends us this tip for twitter job hunting.(1 min) Do you have a good twitter job hunt tip? Call it into our comment line at 206-888-9910, lead with your name and company and keep it to 1 min or less.