Monthly Archives: March, 2009

How did you get hired?

We are seeking audio comments on our comment line (206-888-9910) on how people are getting hired in this tough economy. Did you get a job through a job board? Did you get referred by someone? If you or someone you know just got a job call our comment line at 206-888-9910 and leave us a [...]

Pink slip parties, elevator pitches and a new jobcast

Six fantastic new shows this week with a slew of interesting career advice. Do you know someone who just got laid off? Tell them to tune into and help them improve their job search skills! 1. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO: Scenes from a Pink Slip Party The second Pink Slip Party, held in Norwalk, [...]

Laid Off in the USA

Special thanks to the folks at Laid Off USA who added the player to their blog. We love that they are helping to spread the word! Jack White is the blog’s author.

Advice for the overqualified applicant

In this 1 minute career break, author Katy Piotrowski offers tips for when you are applying to a job that you’re overqualified for. (something that’s happening a lot in this economy)

Top Secrets of Expert Resumes

This is a guest post by Steven Provenzano, CPRW / CEIP It seems no matter how good we have it, we all want a better job. That means keeping track of job listings, networking, tracking down leads, analyzing potential employers and scheduling interviews. But these depend on other people, word of mouth, and the quality [...]

Tip for what to do when your’e overqualified

Here’s a 1 minute career tip with advice for the overqualified who are applying to a lower level job. This tip comes from Brad Taft at