Happy new year everyone and good riddance to the worst year in a long while.

2009 will prove to be an interesting year. Although many are calling for doom and gloom we believe it wont be as bad as some people say. January is always a great month for new jobs so get your job search shoes on and get ready to hunt!

Here’s whats new in our playlist this week.

1. Total Picture Radio – Dan Finnigan CEO Jobvite

Welcome to an inside Recruiting podcast on Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton reporting. Joining me from San Francisco is the CEO of Jobvite, Dan Finnigan. Dan has spent his career launching and growing Internet businesses with a focus on the recruitment market. [download mp3] 16 min

2. Total Picture Radio – CEO of RiseSmart, Sanjay Sathe

RiseSmart offers services for job seekers, recruiters and corporations. Their “Job Concierge” service provides job seekers with a weekly distribution of customized job leads from “across the internet by leveraging sophisticated technology and human touch to deliver the highest volume of relevant job listings.” [download mp3] 13 min

3. Jobacle – The Working Podcast #82

7 courtesy violations happening in your office; Punk rock song about work; Learn about StrongResume, WorkVent and StreetSmartJobz. [download mp3] 18 min

4. JobRadio.fm Original Series – Personal Branding Update #2

In episode two personal branding expert Dan Schawbel talks about what you must do in the new year to get ahead and establish that personal brand. Hosted by Chris Russell. [download] 22 min

5. Secrets of the Job Hunt – Cool Careers from CoolWorks.com

Kari Quaas of the job site CoolWorks stops by to talk about working in resorts and national parks. The jobs on CoolWorks are the exact opposite of typical ‘office jobs’. [download mp3] 10 min

6. Secrets of the Job Hunt – Job Search Roundup

Chris Russell delivers the job search news you can use. Learn about new job sites and trends in the job market in this monthly series. [download mp3] 10 min

7. Jobs in Pods – GE Jobcast: Commercial Leadership Program with Katie Bossart

This jobcast will feature Katie Bossart from the GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies’ Commercial Leadership Program (CLP). It is a 24-month program designed to develop commercial sales talent within the GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Business. [download mp3] 5 min

8. Jobs in Pods – GE Jobcast: Commercial Leadership Program with Josh Koontz

This jobcast will feature Josh Koontz of GE’s Water & Process Technologies Commercial Leadership Program (CLP). The CLP program is a 24-month program designed to develop commercial sales talent within the GE Water & Process Technologies Business. [download mp3] 8 min

9. Savvy Jobseeker – Creating Maximum Impact with a Professional Portfolio

Competition in the job market is at an all time high. Guest expert, Lisa Parker, CPRW, joins us to discuss how to create a professional portfolio presentation that will impress potential employers and help you stand out from the competition.

10. Career Communique – Six Common Career Mistaken Beliefs

Are you derailing your job search and career because you are falling trap to common career misconceptions? Join us to find out what these are AND how to avoid them. [download mp3] 30 min