Monthly Archives: November, 2008

Hey USA Today…tell your readers!

Lately we’ve been trying to get the attention of USA Today in order to get a story done about We may be biased but we believe everyone needs to know about our station, especially in today’s crazy job market. Job hunting is hard enough in a normal market, but in a recession its imperative [...]

Thanksgiving week shows!

In preparation for thanksgiving, check out these new shows on, the only career advice internet radio station. TOTAL PICTURE RADIO Debra Feldman, The JobWhiz: Bail-out – Bail-In: A Real-World Work plan for Job Seekers! Pink-Slip Victims, Career Changers, Re-entry Candidates and Anyone Switching Fields or Looking for a New Corporate Role. 21:09 [download mp3] [...]

New audio this week – Nov 16th thru 22nd

Here’s whats new this week on the playlist. Want faster updates? Sign up for the email list for regular updates. Total Picture Radio 10 Great Career Lies: Have you tried to plan your career? Do you consider yourself, or others you admire to be “self-made?” Do you believe hard work and skill will be [...]

New shows added this week – Nov 9

Please welcome the debut of “The Savvy Jobseeker” a half hour show hosted by Roxanne Ravenel. Each week she’ll deliver timely advice and tips for the savvy jobseeker! >> Current Playlist >> New shows this week: 1. Create a Multimedia Resume with Visual CV (The Savvy Jobseeker) A crowded job market has job hunters [...]

New shows added this week – Nov 2

Wow the feedback for has been tremendous. We just learned we will be listed in the iTunes Radio directory very soon! As promised we will be adding weekly shows to the playlist keep the content fresh. New this week are: 1. October Job Search Roundup (Secrets of the Job Hunt) Job cuts are all [...]