Exploring Psychology Careers

Child Psychologist Career Profile Background on Psychology Careers Many instantly presume that a child psychologist career would involve working in an educational setting, most likely assisting children with social and emotional, academic related issues. However, a childcare psychologist will also work with professionals to pursue an occupation within a wide range of job settings. This […]

Exploring Criminal Justice Careers

Life as a Real Crime Scene Investigator Criminal Justice Careers Background: Throughout the history of the world, societies have enlisted some type of regulations, policies or laws to aid in upholding public safety. One concern for civil societies has been public safety and how the rules are made and enforced in a society. In the […]

The Best Degrees, Certification and Training to Enhance Your Job Prospects (and your life)

Once upon a time it was all about education. Now it’s about degrees. The younger generation collects degrees as the older generation used to collect coins, paintings and stamps. But we are not here to debate how the modern concept of a sound education has veered away from the essence of learning to the pursuit […]